Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 891

After realizing that Ning Xi and Jiang Muye had a scene together, Han Momo watched the movie three times just for those precious few minutes. There were a lot of shippers just like Han Momo as well

The production committee mentioned that it was a modernized version of "The World" as a gimmick and was trying to attract more people to watch it. The movie investors even asked Chen Mian to reward Ning Xi with a big red packet as a token of appreciation and also asked her to cooperate with the promotion.

Ning Xi did not see this unexpected windfall coming. Of course, she would not reject an offer that benefited both parties, so she shared the post from the official Weibo account and also attended a few roadshows.

Among all the positive comments, there were bound to be some negative ones and some very nasty ones at that.

[Shouldnt this character be played by Liang Biqin? How did it become Ning Xi instead?]

[Isnt it obvious? Someone must have forced her way through. How shameless, snatching roles just to be closer to Jiang Muye!]

[Thats crazy, it was just a minor character! I dont understand what Jiang Muye sees in her. He was totally being used!]

Actually, when Ning Xi saw the cross-dressing script earlier, it was really just a small production with roughly only $10 million of investment.

While it was impossible to get a female lead in a big production with her current level of fame, she could still fight for some leading roles in small productions. However, after Liang Biqin got the role and made a fuss about it, it became one of the most invested series and many renowned celebrities joined the fray.

Apparently, Liang Biqin had paid some people to help her to attack Ning Xi on the Internet, supported by the assumption that Su Yimo was the future lady boss of Glory World.

Unfortunately for her, before Ning Xi and Ling Zhizhi got to take action, Chen Mian had clarified that it was Liang Biqin who dishonored the contract, prompting them to ask Ning Xi for help. Therefore, any role-snatching rumors were dismissed instantly and he even harshly criticized Liang Biqins behavior. He even mentioned that he would never hire her for any future movie production he was involved in.

At Glory World Entertainment, Ning Xi got a call from Ling Zhizhi to meet her in the office. On the way there, she met Liang Biqin and her posse in the hallway.

Ning Xis conflict with Su Yimos gang was almost common knowledge; as long as it was not under the scrutiny of the public, they had no reason to be nice to each other, so they did acknowledge each other and Ning Xi just ignored her and walked past them.

Liang Biqin raised her voice loudly as if afraid that Ning Xi would not be able to hear her, "Oh, do you guys know that Chen Mian said hes never going to hire me ever again? He's just an outdated director, who does he think he is?"

"Exactly, 'Our 18-Year-Old Youth' spent so much on promoting that it cant even cover its cost yet! He doesnt even know who to look for support!"

"Chen Mians career would have ended by the time Biqins new movie is out!"

"Speaking of which, whats Ning Xi doing recently? Anything new?"

"She's just been promoting that trash movie with Chen Mian and Jiang Muye. I've not heard anything about the new movie!"

"Even if she did, it wouldnt be anything popular. If she took on any big roles, she wouldve told the whole world about it!"

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