Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 892

Ling Zhizhi notified Ning Xi of her new movie and her shooting schedule after she arrived at the office, advising her to prepare well.

A few days later, it was the day of the shoot. Because it was Ning Xis first day, she needed to do a few trials. In addition to that, her makeup for this shoot was slightly more special, so in anticipation of needing more time, Ning Xi went to the set much earlier.

As the female lead, Ning Xi had her own private makeup room and she had an exclusive makeup artist as well.

A while later, the male lead, Chen Hanchen, and the tertiary male character, Qi Fang, arrived as well. After some greetings and makeup, they sat and waited. Both of them looked young and had very outstanding looks. It was probably because they had not been dragged through the harsh bits of the entertainment industry yet, so they still had the aura of youth on them. Most importantly, their aesthetics could be easily recognized even among those with high beauty standards within the community.

Chen Hanchen was from a well-off family who supported him strongly. He sat on the chair quietly and closed his eyes, emitting a similar vibe as Jiang Muye's. With his distinguished looks and aura, he could easily attract girls and he fit the image of the male lead in the movie very well.

Qi Fang was the embodiment of youth. At only nineteen years of age, his canine teeth could be seen when he talked, making him look cute.

Probably because he did not look manly enough, he was unable to find a character that suited him. Even though he was already under contract for a year, his manager, who was his aunt, had been looking out for him, but she did not want to simply assign him to a random character in fear of affecting his future career. That was until he passed the audition as the tertiary male character for Chen Mians new movie "Dream Chaser".

Although it was just a tertiary character, the director this time was the renowned "God Maker", Chen Mian, so his aunt was really happy when she found out that he passed the audition and she quickly settled the contract for him.

"Hey, Bro Chen, I heard that the female lead is a real beauty! I wonder if she looks as pretty as how they describe the character in the movie!" Qi Fang was still young and had a more carefree personality, so he tried to chat with Chen Hanchen.

Chen Hanchen kept his eyes and mouth shut, seemingly interested.

Although he was a new artiste as well, he was different from Qi Fang. He was a contracted artiste under one of the three main firms in the industry, Speedy Multimedia. He had gone through a long period of specialized training as the companys purpose was to create another Jiang Muye.

It was therefore normal for the resourceful Chen Hanchen to be a little more prideful. He was not particularly interested in talking to Qi Fang as the potential for the latter to become a male lead in the future was low

As for the female lead who was rumored to be all beautiful and impressive, he could not care any lesser. She was just a third-rate female artiste, and although her title was "female lead", she was still there to support his character.

He told his manager that if the female lead acted really badly, he would leave the production even if it meant breaching the contract but for now, he would trust Chen Mians decision.

As they had discussed before, the manager analyzed him thoughtfully. Chen Mian had decided to create a movie without accepting any sponsors or role-assigning, so he probably had some sort of trump card to be able to pull this off

But who was his trump card?

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