Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 893

Qi Fang was a carefree guy, so he did not mind Chen Hanchens cold attitude. He sighed, then mumbled to himself, "I wonder what the director was thinking. He asked a female to act as a guy. What if she was too feminine? Can this really be popular?"

This was his first movie after all and it would affect his career.

It was true that Chen Mian had brought a lot of artistes to fame before, especially in his classic, "Star, Moon, Sun". Even the supporting characters became popular, but times changed and it was a fact that Chen Mians performance was not as good as before. Moreover, the investment in this movie was really low

Oh well, he was just a newbie. It was good enough to have a chance to act, and even work with a renowned director like Chen Mian. For the other future jobs, he would have to rely on luck! The entertainment industry relied on luck a lot anyway

A short while later, the female tertiary character, Ji Yumeng, arrived as well.

"Wow! She's so pretty!" Qi Fang commented as he saw her.

Chen Hanchen took a peek.

Ji Yumen was really pretty and she carried a cute and active personality, so she could easily make guys fall for her. However, she now looked really unhappy as she walked briskly and angrily with her manager following her behind, trying to convince her

"I already said that I dont want to play the tertiary role here. If even Ning Xi can become the female lead, why cant I?"

"Please keep your voice down, my dear. Were not at home now. Are you trying to let everyone hear what you say?"

"So what if they hear me? Im here to tell them that Im dissatisfied! I saw a video online about how Chen Mian publicly defended that woman. I wonder how she got her role this time!"

"Shut up! Be careful when youre talking in public. Ive told you many times! Dont talk about others. Dont you know about your own condition? You definitely cant handle the female lead role, youre not even qualified for the secondary lead, so this is best that you can do now! Do you think its that easy taking on the female lead role? Of course, its great if you can act it well. Otherwise, itll become a black spot in your career"

Ji Yumeng suppressed her anger after being scolded by her manager, but her expression softened when she saw two handsome guys sitting nearby.

Any girl her age would be happy if she was on the same crew as these handsome guys!

Ji Yumeng went over and greeted them, "Hello, Im Ji Yumeng."

"Hello, Im Qi Fang!"

"Chen Hanchen."

"Chen Hanchen...I've heard about you before! I heard youre the best looking guy in the Film Academy, aren't you? Nice to meet you! Qi Fang, youre the one who played the bass in the band JOY, aren't you? I've got a friend who really likes you, she thinks that youre really cute!"

"Hahaha, Ive always been labeled as 'cute'. Why has no one ever said that Im cool? Beauty Ji, youre pretty great yourself. I heard that you entered the Film Academy with top grades!"

Ji Yumeng was a pretty pleasant person to be with when she was not angry. With the addition of the cheerful Ji Yumeng to the trio of youngsters, they got along very well.

"It seems like Director Chen is going to use our extraordinary faces to support this movie!" Qi Fang said.

Ji Yumeng pouted, "Im afraid that I cant act well! Even if its cross-dressing, shes still a woman and they're asking me to be charmed by a woman. How difficult is that?! I even have to sit on her lap in the scene today...oh my God, Im getting goosebumps already!"

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