Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 894

Qi Fang laughed and glanced at Chen Hanchen. "Be grateful for your situation. Someones getting it worse than you!"

Ji Yumeng nodded and laughed with him. "Thats true, Hanchen has to act like he doesnt even know its a man and act friendly towards him, even falling in love"

Chen Hanchen looked moodily at them.

As they were chatting happily, a young man walked towards them.

He had slightly messy black hair, his bangs covering a little of his eyes. Wearing ripped jeans and black horse boots, the aura around him was unbelievable

Chen Mian put his work down and greeted him as soon he saw him. The young mans sharp aura was suppressed a little when he saw Chen Mian. He listened carefully to what Chen Mian had to say and nodded from time to time.

The director's assistant brought him a bottle of water and the man gave her a thankful smile as he took it from her. The mysterious man looked pretty normal when he was speaking to the director, but when he looked at the female assistant, his aura changed. He became warmer than the sun in the winter and even gentler than the water in spring. How sweet his gaze was!

Then, the assistant ran away blushing

When the person appeared, Ji Yumeng suddenly kept her voice down. She then stuttered, "W-whos that...whos that person talking to the director!?"

"Most of the people are already here but the secondary female lead will only be here a few days later. Today, the female lead and the secondary male lead are supposed to come...so, he should be Ke Mingyu?" Qi Fang guessed.

His inner instincts were on alert.

He was already not the cool type of guy to make girls fall for him. Having Chen Hanchen as the powerful male lead was already bad enough for him, and now even the secondary male lead looked so cool. Could he really shine in this movie?

"Ke Mingyu?" Chen Hanchens expression changed as well and his sense of urgency rose. He had investigated the few leads beforehand and found Ke Mingyu pretty normal. What could have happened? Did something go wrong?

As he was comforting himself, the director brought the man over and walked towards their direction.

Chen Mian clapped his hands, signaling for them to come over. "Come on over here. Ill introduce you guys"

Chen Hanchen tensed up, not expecting that it was really the secondary male lead

There could only be one top dog, yet Chen Mian had gotten this guy to act as the secondary male lead. What did he mean by this?

Although Ji Yumeng was looking at Chen Hanchen just now, her eyes were now glued to this man, visibly charmed by his smile earlier

"This is our male lead, Chen Hanchen. This is the tertiary male lead, Qi Fang, and this little girl is going to act as the female leads best friend, Ji Yumeng" Chen Miang introduced them one by one. He then looked at the three of them squarely and announced, "This person beside me is our female lead, Ning Xi!"

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