Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 895


Just as Qi Fang was about to shake hands with who he thought was Ke Mingyu, he froze when he heard the directors introduction. He asked carefully, "Director, what did you say just now?"

Ji Yumeng said suspiciously, "Director, are you sure youre not mistaken? Isnt he Ke Mingyu?"

Chen Mian laughed at the three of them. "Who told you that?"

Chen Hanchen reevaluated the "man" in front of him again and gasped, "He...shes Ning Xi?"

"The female lead?" Qi Fang asked again.

"Director, are you sure? Dont try to fool us!"

Chen Mian smiled and shook his head. "Ning Xi, explain to them!"

Ning Xi looked helplessly at the director. "How do I explain? I just spent two hours to finish my preparation for this!"

It was not funny to ask her to change into a female outfit just for them right now.

Chen Mian had no words

"How could he be the female lead...and he doesnt look like Ning Xi...Fine, maybe some key features do resemble her but somethings wrong! Director, did you just find a guy to act as the female lead?" Ji Yumeng asked.

Qi Fang and Chen Hanchen suddenly considered this possibility as well.

Chen Mian was annoyed. Were kids nowadays all so imaginative?

Ning Xi held her forehead and put up a helpless smile, then she reached for Ji Yumengs hand.

Ji Yumengs heart raced. "You...what are you?"

Qi Fangs eyes widened unhappily. How dare this guy just hold a girls hand just like that!? Do something, Director!

The next moment, Ning Xi put Ji Yumengs hand onto her chest, then asked, "Is it okay now?"

"Theyre...boobs!" Ji Yumeng cried out as she was touching Ning Xis chest. "Shes really a woman! Youre really the female lead!"

Although there was a thick layer of cloth wrapped around Ning Xi's chest, she could still felt the unmistakable soft curve under her fingers

Both of them were women, so they must have had the experience of touching or being touched by another girl before, so why was this so awkward!?

Qi Fangs eyes flew open even bigger and his face was all red. Chen Hanchen did not look very comfortable either.

Mmm, there could only be one top dog, unless there were a male and a female...

Director Chen was still being rational

Chen Mian knocked Ning Xis head. "Thats enough, stop fooling around!"

Ning Xi blinked. How was she fooling around? This was the quickest way to prove herself!

"Sorry, Im late!" Suddenly, there was a panting voice behind them.

The real Ke Mingyu had arrived. As expected, Ke Mingyu looked more run-of-the-mill and seemed to be the gentle, far from the aggressive type, unlike Ning Xi. The way she behaved herself could steal all the girls' hearts away

After confirming that she was a woman, Chen Hanchen looked at Ji Yumeng, who was too excited that she almost passed out. There was also the directors assistant who kept peeking over. Although he still did not feel very comfortable, he felt much better than just now.

She was still a woman, so no matter how good she was at acting as a man, she was still acting. She could never overtake him in being a man, so his confidence was not eroded that badly

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