Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 897

Suddenly, Ji Yumengs tears flowed freely, all her struggles coming out together with her silent sobbing

Sometimes, it was scary to be cared for by someone.

A few female staff wept as well. Ji Yumengs tears were very impactful.

Ning Xi gently patted her back and comforted her. "There, there, although youre also beautiful when you cry, my heart breaks"

"Great! Cut!" Chen Mian yelled in satisfaction.

The first scene was done in one take and both of them had acted magnificently.

Although Chen Mian had called for the cut, Ji Yumeng could not stop. She was still crying in Ning Xis arms

Ning Xi did not push her away and continued to comfort her, patting her head.

Chen Mians mouth twitched and stared at Ning Xi. "Go easy on the newbie!"

Ning Xi was speechless. Was it her fault again?

Actors were generally separated into two types: the experienced ones and the performers. People like Chen Hanchen and Ji Yumeng who had graduated from film school were usually the performers. The experienced ones required a certain amount of aptitude and raw talent, which could not be taught by lecturing; there might only be one of such actors among millions of people.

Ning Xi was the typical experienced actor. She could practically transform into another person when she was acting, reaching astonishing levels of acting. However, people like Ning Xi were rare. Taking their inexperience into account, these newbies were pretty good already.

If the director had to teach them everything by his standards, it would take at least one or two years for the movie to be completed. For instance, his first movie took two years to make it to completion. Most movies nowadays took only about two to three months to complete and some even finished shooting in a few days. No one would spend that much time to create a movie now.

He was already prepared for a long shooting period this time but...it seemed like he could reduce this timeframe by a big margin now

With Ning Xi, it was like having a cheat machine. She was able to make her fellow actors get into the mood quickly and perform their best.

Ji Yumengs performance just now had been triggered by Ning Xis acting. She had used her own experience and integrated it into her character, which was very much what an experienced actor would do.

Ji Yumeng was confused about what had just happened to her. She had suddenly lost control of herself. When she returned to her senses, Ning Xi was comforting her gently and patiently. Ning Xis shoulders were wet from her tears

Ji Yumeng quickly stood up apologetically. "Im sorry, Im sorry"

"Its alright." Ning Xi smiled and patted her head again. "You acted really well just now!"

Ji Yumeng blushed. Her face was hot enough to cook an egg. She wanted to shrink into the ground!

Somewhere nearby, Ke Mingyus calm eyes widened, Chen Hanchen frowned and was deep in thought while Qi Fang was annoyed. Whoever said that it was disgusting to sit on a womans lap?

She seemed really happy there and felt like she did not want to come down at all. Now that Ji Yumeng was fawning all over a woman, the handsome men there felt worthless

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