Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 898

Ji Yumeng went up to the camera after being praised by Ning Xi.

"Director, may I see the footage just now?"

"Sure!" Chen Mian permitted.

Ji Yumeng replayed the footage a few times and her eyes widened in surprise. "Oh my gosh, I acted so well!"

Aside from being excited about her performance, her heart raced when she saw Ning Xi hold her in her lap. It felt so exciting especially when Ning Xi held her hand and pulled her down!

Qi Fang came over and took a look as well. "Some staff even cried with you just now! As expected of the top scorer! You passed on the first shot!"

The pressure to perform suddenly shot up after seeing Ji Yumengs outstanding performance. As they were all newbies, it was easy for them to compare among themselves. The fight was on among them.

Ji Yumeng shook her head. "Ive always thought I was confident about my own acting but I dont think I can act this well on my own. Its because of Senior Ning Xi. The scene with her was magical

I cant explain the feeling I had just now...its like a pair of hands that were carefully guiding me to a higher level, coaxing me slowly and patiently...I can feel that shes helping me to get into the character"

Qi Fang scratched his head skeptically. "Arent you exaggerating? Ive seen her in 'The World'. I admit that her acting is great but there are a lot of capable actors in the industry as well"

Chen Hanchen looked at the footage. He acknowledged her impressive acting but Ji Yumengs description was exaggerative. This woman just had a little advantage in her outlook and she acted well as a man.

Ji Yumeng waved her hands. "I cant put it into words, youll understand what I mean...shes really nice...it was comfortable acting with her"

"Too bad I dont have any scenes with the female lead today" Qi Fang mumbled. After listening to Ji Yumeng, he would like to experience her special talent.

Afterwards, both Chen Hanchen and Ke Mingyu would have a scene with Ning Xi.

After the first scene, Ning Xi went to her dressing room and prepared for her next scene, she would need some change in makeup as well.

The makeup artist, Ye Qiu, had already prepared all the required outfits. When she saw Ning Xi walk in, she put the hangers down and went up to her. "Is the first scene done? So quick?"

"Mmm, its done. I have to trouble you again, Sis Ye!"

"Its alright, come sit down and take a break!" Ye Qiu pulled out a chair and gave her a drink, then she proceeded to get her makeup tools.

The male and female leads were attending a banquet in the next scene. It was a formal setting, but the scene was not complicated; the male and the female lead in a male outfit would meet and have an amazing performance together.

After the makeup was done, Ye Qiu gave her the prepared outfits. "It might be a little difficult to wear this. Let me know if you need help."


"Is the size okay?" Ye Qiu asked outside the fitting room a while later.

"Yes." After she answered, the fitting room was opened and Ning Xi appeared right before Ye Qiu in the new outfit.

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