Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 899

Ning Xi was dressed in an English-styled three-piece white tuxedo with a blue striped tie and a silver pocket watch on her chest. Ye Qiu suddenly saw a young man from a noble family standing in front of her

"I...Ill help you adjust a little" Ye Qiu was suddenly nervous as if afraid that she might destroy a beautiful dream.

"Thank you, Sis Ye." Ning Xi nodded and opened her arms wide. Her posture looked like she was about to hug someone.

Ye Qiu blushed a little and extended her hands to the collar area as she adjusted her tie and the accessories that she was wearing

A person rushed in hastily and blocked Ye Qiu from Ning Xi. While she tried to sound courteous, her tone was obviously unhappy. "Sis Ye, Ill handle this!"

Xiao Tao had gone to buy some snacks for the crew and she came back to a person seducing her Master!

Xiao Tao could not stand it anymore. This makeup artist had been already plotting something when she was putting on makeup for Ning Xi in the morning.

"Im Ning Xis exclusive makeup artist, its my responsibility," Ye Qiu said slowly. She was older, so she had to impose a more mature and superior image.

"Makeup artists should just do the makeup. Ill handle her outfit!"

"Her outfit is, of course, within my responsibility. How she looks is my responsibility. Although youre her assistant, you should leave this to the professionals.

"But" Xiao Tao was obviously losing and she looked at Ning Xi.

A war was coming. Ning Xi held Ye Qius shoulder and had her sit down on a nearby chair. "You must be tired, Sis Ye. Take a little break and let Xiao Tao handle the small matters. Please give her some guidance if she makes any mistake."

Both of them were satisfied now.

Xiao Tao happily replaced Ye Qius position and was pleased that Ning Xi had defended her.

Ning Xi brought Ye Qiu a glass of water. Feeling trusted and cared for by Ning Xi, she gladly sat down on the chair. "The tie is still a little crooked and the back is slightly wrinkled as well. Take it down later and Ill iron it"

Ye Qiu felt a little excited when she remembered what had happened this morning. When she first saw Ning Xi, from her professional judgment, she thought that Ning Xis near perfect facial contour could fool others even if she was to dress up as a guy.

However, she was utterly stunned when she saw Ning Xi walk out of the fitting room. She was the one who did Ning Xis makeup. It was still the same Ning Xi after she had changed, but her whole image had totally changed!

A breathtaking beauty had suddenly become a playboy!

At first, she expected that it would not be too weird if Ning Xi acted as a man but she did not expect her to be this gorgeous

And now, Ning Xi just stood there quietly, letting Xiao Tao work around her with a slight sense of extremely attractive laziness.

After Ning Xi was done, Ye Qiu held her glass and just stared at Ning Xi blankly. "Lets have a moment of silence for the male lead"

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