Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 900

Xiao Tao took a few steps away from Ning Xi and announced, "Lets have a moment of silence for all the male characters in the movie, Sis Xi...oh no! Bro Xi! Why is it that Ive never realized that you look this cool in a male outfit!?"

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows questioningly. "Dont I look good in anything I wear?"

"Bro Xi, please...dont look at me like that" Xiao Tao was covering her chest as if she was being seduced.

Ning Xi smiled and looked in the mirror, then she saw Ye Qiu in the reflection. "Thank you, Sis Ye, the makeup is perfect!"

Their eyes met in the mirror. "Youre welcome, your skin is great and your facial features are impeccable. It was so good that I didnt have to do much about it"

From her professional experience, with just a touch, she instantly knew that Ning Xi was a pure natural and had never gone under the knife.

Moreover, wasn't her acting skills advanced? She was a real beautiful woman, yet she had no problem acting as a man at all.

What was more impressive was that it did not seem like Ning Xi was acting at all. It seemed like a part of her natural self; that casual flirty aura of hers channeled from inside her.

Outside, Chen Hanchen was done changing already. Chen Hanchen had his own makeup artist, whose level was nearly the same as Ye Qiu's. After putting the makeup on, Chen Hanchens outstanding face became even more glamorous as if God had a hand in his makeup personally.

"Oh my gosh! Chen Hanchen is so cool in a formal suit! So manly!" Ji Yumeng gushed.

The staff and the other actors looked over as well.

"Wow, this guy is really handsome! Is he the male lead?"

"Yes! I heard hes the trump card of Speedy Multimedia. His future is almost as bright as Jiang Muye's!

"No wonder Director Chen picked him"

Qi Fang was standing in the corner. For someone who had been branded as "cute", he hated guys who were more handsome or manlier than him!

But it was not his fault that he was this cute!

He quietly went beside Ke Yuming who was having it worse than him.

He still stood out; cute was a unique feature after all. However, Ke Yuming...he was not ugly, he was just too normal, looking no different from a man in the regular crowd.

How could they find someone as normal as him to act as the secondary male lead?

Nevertheless, after seeing Ning Xis performance just now, he was careful about assessing Director Chens judgment.

"I have to admit that Chen Hanchens face is really handsome. No wonder his company is cultivating him to become the second Jiang Muye...some people are just made to be in this industry...the life of the main character" Qi Fang shook his head and sighed with the intention of getting some agreement from Ke Yuming.

Ke Yuming leaned on the hallway pillar and looked at Chen Hanchen, not bothering to give a reaction.

Chen Mian glanced at Chen Hanchen in satisfaction but there was a slight worry in his eyes. He waved and asked Chen Hanchen to go over. "Although there're only a few lines and not much is going on in this scene, it's actually pretty difficult"

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