Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 901

This scene would open the movie, so it was the most important part as it would have to give a strong impact on the spectators. It had to be the most charming and captivating scene...basically just cool and extravagant.

After a long talk, Chen Mian's core idea was to make the first scene absolutely stunning. The male lead and the cross-dressed female lead had to be evenly matched, with no one being better than the other.

Chen Hanchen just replied half-heartedly after being nagged by Chen Mian.

Instead of him, he should talk to Ning Xi about this. After all, shouldn't he be more worried about Ning Xi in this scene?

Chen Mian noticed his arrogance and he just hoped that Chen Hanchen could still be this confident and relaxed later on

"Argh!" The assistant beside the director suddenly screamed and the props in her hand fell onto the ground.

Everyone looked at the direction of what had surprised her, then they saw Ning Xi who had changed into her new outfit

Some peoples eyes widened as it was the first time they saw Ning Xi. "There are so many hot guys in this crew! Whos that? I thought theres only the male and female lead in this scene!"

"Uh...could it be the female lead?"

"Congratulations, youre right! Shes our female lead Ning Xi!"

"Wow! Senior Ning looks so cool in this outfit! What a perfect match!" Ji Yumeng was staring at Ning Xi and started calling her "Senior", totally forgetting about her rant to her manager before.

Chen Mian looked at Ning Xis outfit and nodded with satisfaction. It seemed that it was worth it to invest a large amount of money into the movies outfit and props.

Qi Fang took a glance and mumbled quietly, "Shes alright, I still think Hanchen is way cooler"

Chen Hanchen tensed up when he saw Ning Xi, but he was not too nervous as he was already prepared for the sight. Ning Xi looked absolutely gorgeous in a formal man's outfit but she was not stealing the limelight away from him. After all, he was taller than Ning Xi.

Chen Mian shook his head as he saw Chen Hanchens confident look. "Everyones here, lets start!"

Everyone stopped talking and went to their positions.


In the ballroom, the lights were turned on. A small band was playing some relaxing music on the stage in the middle of the room.

Chen Hanchen had a full black formal suit on. His firm silhouette appeared at the end of the staircase and right behind him was Ning Xi in a white suit, standing quietly there

Under everyones attention, they both walked down the stairs.

Chen Hanchens black suit looked much simpler than Ning Xis. His hair was combed back and he was adjusting his sleeves with a prideful aura , looking fearless and nonchalant about the guests impressed gazes. He was exactly as the character portrayed in the script, the noble and prideful Si Xia.

Following the script, Chen Hanchen turned back and quietly said something to Ning Xi. As he thought he had gathered all the focus around him, Ning Xi smiled and glanced at him. Her smile bloomed and she exuded an implicit charm that was woven with a confident ease and unruliness

Suddenly, all the actors felt themselves gasp as they stared at her in surprise. Even Chen Hanchen was stunned himself

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