Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 903

Melodious music played as the guests started to talk and laugh cheerfully.

Chen Hanchen took steady footsteps as he made his way downstairs. The posture he took as he walked was a result of professional training and now, he was even more careful, clearly performing better than the previous take. His entire manner was arrogant, imposing, and impressive. The crowd actors also cooperated and they revealed a stunned expression...

After he walked down, Chen Hanchen took a wine glass in the waiter's hand, then naturally turned over to speak to Ning Xi beside him.

There was no dialogue. They only needed to act as if the male lead was speaking to the female lead. As for what they actually said, it was up to the audience members to guess for themselves. The performance of the actors themselves would determine what the audience would come up with...

This time, Ning Xi raised her brows and her eyes wandered as she looked at Chen Hanchen teasingly. The slight smirk on her lips was interwoven with splendor, instantly overshadowing everyone beside her...

On its own, Chen Hanchen's performance earlier was not bad. However, with Ning Xi in comparison, the male lead that they had found strong and dashing suddenly seemed a little weak. They even felt like he was too pretentious like a peacock that had spread its feathers.

On the other hand, Ning Xi did not even think of attracting anyone's attention, yet this was exactly what caused everyone's gaze to be fixated on her. Not only that, everyone noticed that underneath the female lead's unbridled and dissolute eyes was a hidden spark which represented her unspeakable and buried feelings towards Si Xia...

This time, Ning Xi's performance had not only been stunning. It was layered with emotions, instantly leading the audience into the movie itself...

The two were practically as different as heaven and earth.

Without a doubt, this was still a bad take.

Even Chen Mian was astonished. One could see in his eyes that he had picked up a gem. He had thought that Ning Xi's performance earlier was the peak of splendor, but he did not expect that that was not even her best...

Chen Hanchen felt strong palpitations as he felt the pressure of being unable to conquer a high mountain. When he had decided to enter this industry, everyone had told him that based on his qualities, he was made for it, that he would definitely make it big.

However, at this moment, he finally knew what it truly meant to be made for the entertainment industry...

As he watched the way Chen Hanchen looked, Chen Mian was afraid he would lose his psyche balance. He held the script and walked over, talking him through again, "Hanchen, your performance earlier has improved a lot. Put in a little more effort and maintain this pace. In the script, Si Xia is an especially privileged person, so not only should he bedazzle; the more important thing is to portray that arrogance he has from being at the summit of power and influence. If it was just about being handsome, then he would merely be a celebrity. Class and gaze is very important, do you understand?

"Pay attention to Ning Xi's performance because the female lead has gone through life and death, so her every move and every look carries a sense of detachment. The pain and grief of her kin's death, and the loving admiration that she has which can't be announced to anyone, her carelessness and this game of life, all of this has been performed through her eyes..."

"I know, thank you, Director." Chen Hanchen looked at the replay of the camera and looked at how he had been overshadowed like a lousy clown. Instinctively, he wanted to erase the entire recording.

Chen Mian patted his shoulder. "I'll give you ten minutes to calibrate yourself."

After Chen Mian finished, he walked towards Ning Xi who was being surrounded by a group of girls.

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