Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 904

Ning Xi immediately got up. "Director Chen, did you want to talk me through the script?"

"Talk, my ass!" Chen Mian answered her in an annoyed tone, "You little punk, how dare you hide your potential from me the last time?!"

After the words spilled out of his mouth, he realized that he had unknowingly scolded her as "little punk".

Ning Xi looked innocently at him, "No, the last time, I was my usual self. You didn't let me try any scenes."

She had only brought her regular acting skills with her the last time.

Chen Mian was speechless.

Ten minutes later, the shoot began again.

They continued to have bad takes quite a few times, all because Chen Hanchen could not keep up with Ning Xi's pace. The two of them were on entirely different levels of talents. Nevertheless, Chen Mian had high demands for this scene, so he would not accept any flaws at all.

However, if they continued to shoot at this momentum, this shoot would probably continue until the end of time. In fact, Chen Hanchen was about to have a mental breakdown; they could not go on like this...

In frustration, Chen Mian just decisively called out "Cut!" midway.

The moment he yelled that out, Chen Hanchen could not hold it in any longer and he unhappily wrenched off his suit, throwing it onto the ground. He took huge steps towards him, his handsome face clouded with grey clouds and looking very sinister.

The entire atmosphere was tense, almost to its breaking point. All the cast and the other crew members dared not say a word.

When the little assistant saw Chen Hanchen lose control, she quickly ran up to console him, "Hanchen! Hanchen...where are you going?! Today's only the first day, don't cause any trouble! Be a little patient...the director has already said that you're performing better and better each time..."

In contrast to Chen Hanchen's outburst, Ning Xi who donned a white vintage English-styled tuxedo loosened her collar and put one hand into her pocket and nonchalantly walked over...

Chen Mian felt a headache threatening to come as he massaged his temples. He then walked over and pulled Ning Xi to a corner, lowering his voice to advise her, "You saw that Hanchen's performance is actually not bad, but he is a newbie after all, so can you rein yourself in a little?"

The only solution now was to have Ning Xi restrain herself.

When Ning Xi heard this, she looked hastily at Chen Hanchen, and then said, "So what if he's new? As a man, he doesn't even know the basics of looking handsome, so it's best if he leaves the industry soon..."

Chen Mian was speechless and so were all the men present.

Her words were too harsh!

Everyone subconsciously turned to look at Chen Hanchen and indeed, he was boiling with anger. After all, he was still young and hot-blooded. Chen Hanchen, who had been ready to leave on impulse, skidded in his tracks upon hearing this sentence and his hands were balled into fists. He snarled, "Director Chen, let's go again!"

"Uhh..." Chen Mian had look hesitant for the first time.

With Chen Hanchen's current attitude, if Ning Xi did not restrain some of her charisma, it would be extremely dangerous. If they continued to do a bad take this time, it would cast a shadow over Chen Hanchen's psychological well-being, one that might not be able to be salvaged. Such a shadow was fatal for an actor...

Chen Mian did care for his talents, so he dared not take this risk...

"Come on!"

Unfortunately, the two of them were very determined and they had already walked to their respective positions, ready to begin.

Chen Mian and Ning Xi shared a look and when they sensed each other's calm and composed and manner, they felt assured. Based on Ning Xi's acting skills, she should be able to express and restrain her emotions as she wished. She should have bit her tongue when she noticed that something was not right. After all, they bore no grudges against each other and she had no need to destroy a newbie. In fact, based on his observation earlier, Chen Hanchen's performance had actually improved every time, so maybe...

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