Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 907

"Sure!" Ning Xi hurled out her hand.

Ji Yumeng quickly passed her phone over.

Ning Xi keyed in her number, then made a missed call to her own number before returning the phone.

Seeing that Ning Xi was so friendly, Ji Yumeng mustered the courage to ask again, "May I add you on Wechat?"

"My Wechat ID is my phone number, you can just add me."

"Oh, okay, thank you, Senior! Senior...don't you need to remove your makeup?" Ji Yumeng swallowed her saliva as she looked at Ning Xi in the male outfit.

Ning Xi was wearing her own clothes but it was still men's clothes. It was a casual outfit - a pair of jeans with a hooded jacket, it looked dynamic and comfortable. It was only a very casual look, yet when it was worn on her, it was immediately attractive...

"At such an hour, it would be too congested for me to get home. I'm planning to take the subway, that's more convenient," answered Ning Xi.

"Oh, well...I..." Ji Yumeng wanted to say that she was taking the subway as well when her phone rang. It was her manager calling to say that he was there to pick her up.

Thus, she could only bid Ning Xi farewell.

"Yumeng, over here!"

"Bro Feng, why are you here?" When Ji Yumeng saw her middle-aged manager parked by the roadside, she was unhappy.

Qian Zhaofeng did not know how he had made the young miss angry. "Of course I'm here to pick you up! How did today go? You didn't cause any trouble, did you? I've told you not to think about being the female lead anymore. Even if you're unhappy about Ning Xi you must be patient. But if you really don't want to act anymore, I can help you..."

He would much rather spend more effort helping her get out of acting in this movie than let her wreck it.

When Ji Yumeng heard this, she immediately jumped in horror instead. "Who's unhappy about Ning Xi!? Don't spew nonsense!"

"This morning you just..."

"This morning is the past! Whatever it is, I'm not unhappy about Ning Xi! I want to act as the third female lead! I will fight anyone for it!"

Qian Zhaofeng was confused.

Women were truly unfathomable!


Ning Xi had told Lu Tingxiao beforehand that she would go to his place for dinner, so after work was done, she made her way there.

In front of Platinum Palace.

Mo Lingtian who had been shooed out by Lu Tingxiao looked resentfully at him. "Hey, hey, hey, it's close to dinner time, won't you make me stay for dinner?"

"Ning Xi's coming over tonight," Lu Tingxiao immediately said, indicating that he did not want to be disturbed.

Mo Lingtian scoffed, "I've seen you through right from the start, indeed it's hoes before bros to you!"

Fancy that he had even made a trip here to talk so much to him...

"Speaking of which, why won't you try to ask Tang Lang? He's been with those people for so long, can't he know about his background at all?"

"He's not my person." This implied that even if Tang Lang said anything, he would not believe him. Besides, with that person's sophistication, even if it was Tang Lang, he would probably not reveal his background.

"He's already working in your office as a security guard. How could he not be your person?" Mo Lingtian mumbled.

As the two spoke, a shadow walked approached from afar.

The approaching man was not very old and he wore a trendy casual outfit. His face was extremely handsome and he seemed to be androgynous, while exuding an aura of recklessness and brashness.

One look and you would know that he was one that attracted many...

Feeling egotistically challenged, Mo Lingtian subconsciously looked longer and then asked Lu Tingxiao, "Who's that? Your brother's friend?"

In that direction lay only Lu Jingli's and Lu Tingxiao's bungalows, so if he was not looking for Lu Tingxiao, then he must have been here for Lu Jingli.

Before Mo Lingtian could hear Lu Tingxiao's answer, he saw that the young man had walked right up to them, more specifically, right before Lu Tingxiao.

The young man did not drive, so he had probably jogged over and was panting slightly. His fair and beautiful neck was sweaty. Upon walking over, he did not hesitate before pulling on Lu Tingxiao's neck to kiss him. Then, he fluttered his eyes and in a low voice, asked, "Did you miss me?"

Mo Lingtian stood as still as a statue like he had been struck by lightning. He was speechless.

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