Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 908

"Did you miss me?"



What...what did he just witness?

Heaven fell and the earth shattered, the seas ran dry and the rocks went soft as the sound of thunder rocked the sky...this scene was even more shocking than when he had first seen Lu Tingxiao with the little bunny.

Mo Lingtian was left stunned.

The night sky dimmed as the horizon was lit with the tangerine sunset glow.

When the young man stared at Lu Tingxiao, the brash and unruly aura from him turned into threads of love and inseparability. His pair of charming eyes instantly became so beautiful that it rattled one's heart and soul...

As Lu Tingxiao lowered his gaze to look at the man, the ice that covered his eyes slowly melted into spring water. His eyes were tender and precious as if he was looking at his entire world.

Mo Lingtian suddenly found this scene unbelievably moving...

Whoa! He must be crazy! He actually thought...that the interaction between Lu Tingxiao and this man was moving...

When she received the devil's assurance, Ning Xi was instantly satisfied. Indeed, the power of healing was undeniable, even making fatigue from an entire day of shooting vanish.

She felt like the devil's random jealousy spites were groundless. With such a charming man before her, it was a wonder that she had not yet been charmed to death. Why would she look twice at anyone else?

As he watched the two of them completely forget his existence, Mo Lingtian could finally hold it in no more as he weakly raised his hands. "Cough...uh, guys...there's still someone else here..."

He felt like he had suddenly disrupted something precious. Would he be killed for that?

That could not be right. He had not disrupted anything. He had only stood there quietly and he was a victim too...

"Eh, Master Mo, you're here too!" When Ning Xi heard someone else's voice, she turned over and looked at Mo Lingtian.

Mo Lingtian was about to cry. "Bro, I've always been here! What's with that look?"

Ning Xi put her arm on Lu Tingxiao's shoulders as she said in an apologetic tone, "I'm really sorry. Usually, when I'm with my darling, it's hard for me to notice anyone else."

Mo Lingtian was utterly speechless.

Lu Tingxiao was actually being called "darling" by a man and he actually looked quite happy about it...

Mo Lingtian was about to have a mental breakdown. "Lu Tingxiao, what's up with you? When I asked you in the first place, didn't you say that you don't swing this way? So what's up with the situation now? Don't tell me that the bunny from before was just a distraction...and that you actually like men...Pfft! Then, aren't I in danger? Also, what do we do with that Ziyao? And..."

"This is Ning Xi," Lu Tingxiao cut him off.

With these words from Lu Tingxiao, Mo Lingtian was utterly dumbfounded in the midst of the chaos. "What did you say?"

At that moment, a soft and cute little bun ran over like the wind, not to Lu Tingxiao, but to the youth's legs, his eyes full of pleasant surprise and dependence.

This gaze of the little bun's reverence did make him feel oddly familiar...

After all, this little guy was like Lu Tingxiao; they had never been this passionate or intimate with anyone except with...the bunny...

The last time at Lu Chongshan's birthday banquet, he had seen for himself how obedient and cute the little bun was before the bunny.

When Ning Xi saw the little bun, she forget about Mo Lingtian and even the devil's charm. She immediately picked the little guy up.

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