Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 909

When she saw Little Treasure wearing the furry woolen cartoon pajamas with little bear ears on his hat and a round tail on his butt, Ning Xi was practically drowning in his cuteness. "Oh, my baby is sooo cute today! Your father finally understands the need for aesthetics!"

At that moment, the youth's disguise and external shell were removed as she carried the little bun. All that was left was her true self and Mo Lingtian finally believed Lu Tingxiao. "It...it really seems like the bunny..."

After Ning Xi carried the little bun into the house, Mo Lingtian remained in shock outside. "Geez, this is amazing, Lu Tingxiao, can this punk change into 72 variations or something?"

From a sly fox to a little bunny, to a shooting master, to a little maid, and even a male disguise...it all came so naturally to her.

A woman that could tie Lu Tingxiao down should not be treated commonly...

Now, he finally knew where the previous rumors about Lu Tingxiao liking men and his open kiss with a man at a certain party had come from.

He really knew how to play the rumor mill...


In the living room.

"Miss Xiao Xi, dinner will be ready in a while, have some juice."

"Miss Xiao Xi, have some fruits!"

"Miss Xiao Xi, do you want dessert?"


The maids at home had come over many times with refreshments before Lu Tingxiao massaged his forehead and then said to Ning Xi, "Go upstairs and change."

"What for? It's so inconvenient to keep changing!" Ning Xi mumbled.

Lu Tingxiao did not answer, gazing only towards a certain direction.

In the kitchen and in the garden outside the window, many of the maids, including Wan Wan, had already peeked in many times and come over to offer things frequently. Before this, when Ning Xi was in a female outfit, she had already coaxed all these maids from being against her to liking her. Now, what more in her male disguise...

"Is that handsome guy inside really, really Miss Xiao Xi?"

"No way! They're probably joking!"

"Wan Wan said so, she shouldn't be wrong, or else...Apart from Miss Xiao Xi, have you seen anyone this close to our Master?"


"I've bought you and Little Treasure pajamas from the same series," Lu Tingxiao answered finally.

"Aah! Really?! You should've said earlier! I'll go change immediately!" When Ning Xi heard this, she flew up the stairs.

Moments later, Ning Xi walked down in fresh clothes.

Little Treasure's pajama set was like a little bear's while Ning Xi's was a little bunny's. The long ears on her head were extremely adorable.

Ning Xi hopped down the stairs and twirled before Lu Tingxiao, "Do I look cute or not? Pfft, Lu Tingxiao, I can't believe you would buy such clothes!"

Lu Tingxiao replied, "I thought you'd like it."

Ning Xi raised her brows. "Well, do you like it?"

"I like anything you wear."

Ning Xi had no words to say. Compared to her pick up skills, she felt like the devil's skills of picking up girls while looking serious was truly mind-blowing.


Returning to her apartment after dinner, Ning Xi called Zhuang Keer.

"Hello, Keer..."

"Xiao Xi! It's you! What's up?" Zhuang Keer's surprised voice was heard from the other end of the phone.

"It's about that thing we discussed...about you wanting to come visit the set. I've asked the director and he said that there's no problem, so you can come over anytime." Ning Xi never forgot what she promised girls.

When Zhuang Keer heard this, she was instantly overjoyed. "Really? That's great!"

Ning Xi was about to say something when she realized that it was quite noisy on Zhuang Keer's end of the line. "Keer, are you not home?"

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