Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 910

Zhuang Keer sighed and hesitated, "I'm in one of the Internet cafes in the city centre..."

"Internet cafe?" Ning Xi was a little shocked. Why would Zhuang Keer go to such a place?

"I'm here to look for my brother..." Zhuang Keer paused, then explained, "After the last incident, my father gave him a curfew, telling him that he's not allowed to go out after 9 at night, but he ran out when I wasn't noticing. If I don't quickly bring him back and my father notices when he returns, he'll definitely fly into a rage..."

"Sis, you're so noisy, can you take your call somewhere further away?" Zhuang Rongguang was heard groaning on the other end.

"Rongguang, our father will highly likely come home tonight..."

"Father, Father! Can you not keep using our father to threaten me!? I'm just playing games and not killing people! Can't I have some freedom?"

"The problem is that you're having your final exams soon, yet you keep playing games. Also, count for yourself how much money you've spent on these games. You've even had online relationships with people on them..."

"Go away! You're so annoying! Are you done!?" Zhuang Rongguan's tone was very nasty as if he had forgotten how he had almost been shot to death by his father once, and who had always been there to protect him.


When she heard Zhuang Rongguang's vile tone, Ning Xi frowned. However, when she spoke to Zhuang Keer, her tone remained gentle. "Keer, can you help me check what game your brother is playing and what his ID is? Then, secretly tell me, okay?"

Zhuang Keer followed Ning Xi's instructions and looked at the computer screen, then she walked away to tell Ning Xi, "The game is called 'Sanctuary' and his ID is 'Glory of Light'. He seems to be marrying someone in the game tonight, he won't go home no matter how much I ask him to.."

"Okay, got it. Keer, find a place to sit for a while, I'll think of a way to make him go home obediently."

Zhuang Keer did not ask what Ning Xi was about to do. She just trusted her...

After hanging up, Ning Xi opened her laptop and then clicked on the Sanctuary icon on her desktop.

This game was the one that she was an ambassador for together with Jiang Muye and it was considered the game that Ning Xi had played the longest.

Hmph, this punk really wanted to take the road to hell when there was one on heaven.

He was already an adult, yet he let a girl run out late at night to look for him and even spoke so disrespectfully to her...

Pfft, if she did not kill him so mercilessly tonight that he deleted his game, she would not be called Piercing Wind!

Ning Xi looked as if her own woman was being bullied as she logged in with her game ID and was prepared to attack Zhuang Rongguan.

Just as Ning Xi logged in, immediately the system popped up with a notification: [Number one on the PK leaderboard, Piercing Wind, has arrived!'

When she and Jiang Muye promoted the game through livestream, they had used other usernames, but this was Ning Xi's real ID.

The moment the bright red system notification popped up, the world immediately exploded...

The world explained: [Whoa, it's super happening tonight! All the leaderboard masters have arrived, even Piercing Wind who hasn't been online in a long time!]

The world continued: [After all, it is the wedding of the first faction leader, Glory of Light, and the second faction leader, In Water's Direction. But it's not like Piercing Wind received an invitation!]

[But that's weird if Piercing Wind received an invitation! Piercing Wind always runs solo and does not join any factions; Piercing Wind wouldn't befriend any factions!]

[Oh, oh, oh! I see Piercing Wind walking towards the matchmaker's shrine! It seems like this unwelcomed guest is really going to attend the wedding!]


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