Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 916

Something shifted in Ning Xi's eyes. She immediately put her bag down and pulled out a chair to sit opposite Qiao Weilan. "Master...enlighten me with your advice."

Qiao Weilan looked up and saw that Ning Xi had propped down before her and she was instantly shaken by her curious eyes.

In usual situations, such words in that kind of tone would offend most people. They would usually be unhappy, and possibly even start a fight...

After all, the working relationship between them was weak with no foundation at all and it was all too easy to incite conflict between them.

Ning Xi's attitude inevitably took her back by surprise. The truth was that ever since she had come over, she had been surprised many times.

At first, when she had been sent here by Qin Shengyue, she did indeed have the intention of wanting to finish her mission then leave. She did not want to have to do anything else unnecessary.

There were too many celebrities like Ning Xi who had started their own studio and created their own brand, but all of them were only fooling around with their work. All of them were empty, arrogant vessels and she did not need to please such people.

She thought that Ning Xi would be the same as well, so she held the principle of "the less complications, the better", and to not aim for credits but rather for no mistakes. She did not even want to waste any excessive amount of energy at such a place.

However, as time went on, this girl had surprised her tremendously.

Despite the fact that she was not a professional in many aspects and that the business had even taken many turns, she continued to learn and was constantly improving. She had many of her own views while Gong Shangze was practically treating this career like his life. Even Han Momo shared a very strong pride for the studio.

In such an atmosphere, she had not noticed it herself but she was already unknowingly changing the way she saw things...

Earlier, although her brain had not computed information, her body would react on impulse but now, she would process her thoughts before acting. Even though she was a little shocked, this was still within her expectations.

At that moment, as she faced the girl's humble and eager gaze, Qiao Weilan finally said, "This is the commercial society, they care about the outside not the internal. They prefer flashy things that are hollow on the inside. Business deals cannot be sealed with perseverance, your actions'll only be seen as pestering to the outside."

Ning Xi quickly took out her notebook and her eyes shone. "Then, what should I do to arouse the interest of the SF person-in-charge, so that they would get our brand on retail?"

Qiao Weilan watched Ning Xi's demeanor that of a young student and cleared her throat. "It's currently impossible. That kind of company has strong and solid capability, they'll definitely not accept a brand of our ranks to put up on retail. Even if your proposal is perfect, you've chosen the wrong client, you're just attempting the impossible. We currently don't even have small clients, yet we want to expect instant success discussing retailing with top companies in the industry. This is unrealistic."

Ning Xi listened as she fell into contemplation.

Qiao Weilan's words had accurately pinpointed their problem.

Maybe because they had succeeded with Qin Shengyue the last time, she had subconsciously set an overzealous goal for herself.

After all, she had used some smarts with the Qin Shengyue case. However, she could not rely on luck and opportunity every time...

When she saw that Ning Xi had understood, Qiao Weilan continued, "Based on our current situation with the studio, it's not suitable to find a huge corporation like SF for collaboration. Based on our position, the most suitable collaboration partners would be those socialites."

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