Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 920

On one hand, her rationale told her to restrain herself as a die-hard fan, but on the other hand, the temptation of beauty before her was too much...

Oh! What to do, what to do? She could not betray Senior...

"Mmm? I'm not as handsome as her? You sure?" Jiang Muye's charming eyes twinkled as he continued to ask.

"I...I..." The little girl felt troubled, feeling anxious and on the verge of tears...

Behind her, Ning Xi's mouth twitched. She walked up, hurled out a hand and took Ji Yumeng into her embrace to pat her hair lightly, then put her behind for protection before giving Jiang Muye a mean stare. "Can you be any more immature?"

Ji Yumeng instantly felt as if the spring breeze had caressed her face as she hid behind Ning Xi and felt giddy with happiness. Oh, she was being protected by the Senior!

"Hmm!" Jiang Muye scoffed, then sat right down, looking very challenged.

Who told this girl to talk big and dare to look down upon his charm? This was a question of principles, one he could not stand.

Ning Xi naturally knew he had this bad habit, so she rolled her eyes and said, "You already have so many fans, and you still want to fight with me over one. Aren't you shameless?"

Jiang Muye pouted. "Even you can fight with male celebrities over female fans. What am I being shameless about?"

Ning Xi sneered, "Haha, you dare say that you've never taken male fans away from female celebrities?"


As everyone watched the two of them unwittingly start an argument as soon as they met, they became restless.

"Oh, oh, oh, one is arrogant and dominating, while another is lazy and unruly! The two of them are really such a feast for my eyes!"

"They are practically befitting of each other! Sadly, why is the male lead in our movie not Jiang Muye!?"

"Exactly! When these two are together, it really feels like there's love in the air!"

"It feels like a dj vu of a perpetually angry uke [1] and a bishie [2]!"


In the corner, as he listened to the discussion around him, Chen Hanchen's hands trembled as he held the script in his hand, his handsome face turning pale.

Because he had always been cultivated as the second Jiang Muye, Chen Hanchen had watched all the recordings, television shows, and movies featuring Jiang Muye many times, thinking that even if he could not keep up to a hundred percent of the expectations, he could at least achieve 70 or 80 percent.

To his unhappiness, now that he had seen him up close, he realized that his confidence was a joke. His entire heart immediately fell into an ice house.

Beside him, Qi Fang too could not help but curse himself. Between Chen Hanchen and Jiang Muye...the difference between these two were indeed vast...

Ning Xi naturally knew that Jiang Muye was bound by Chen Hanchen's management company for marketing and that he had been unhappy for a long time. Now, he had finally appeared to reclaim his position. She stood up, patted him on the shoulder and said, "I'm going to work now. You're almost done, aren't you? Don't affect our shoot!"

"I know...oh, what's your next scene? Is it with that punk?"

"No, it's with the second male lead, a kissing scene."

Earlier, Jiang Muye's line of sight had been focused on Chen Hanchen. He had only just noticed who the second male lead was being played by.

Not too far away in the middle of the set, Chen Mian was talking Ning Xi through the scene. Apart from the two of them, there was a young man standing quietly there, blending into the background with his run-of-the-mill looks and charisma.

Until Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu had gone to change, Jiang Muye ran up to Chen Mian and asked, "Old Chen, are you blind? You chose someone like him to be the second male lead?"

"Bugger off, you're the blind one, his acting is good!" Chen Mian said airily.

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