Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 921

Jiang Muye looked in disdain at him. "As good as I am?"

"You?" Chen Mian revealed a pained expression as if he would rather die. "Don't you know that in the director's circle, you're the number one male actor that directors don't want to collaborate with? Be more self-aware, you bastard!"

"Huh?! On the basis of what? Why don't they want to collaborate with me? My popularity is soaring high!" Jiang Muye was instantly furious.

"If you were not popular, who would be willing to hire you!? Don't even talk about how hard it is to serve you, the key thing is still your acting. It's like a freaking roller coaster, sometimes you perform well, sometimes horribly bad. It's hard to grasp it and it's entirely up to your mood, so which director can stand you!?"


Very soon, the lighting and camera were all ready to go.

The shoot began.

On the greenery-filled balcony, curled up in the hanging circular rattan chair, Ji Feixue was sound asleep.

The girl wore male home clothes and her hand held a book carelessly. Her soft, black short hair fluttered under the warm sun and her creamy, flawless skin showed almost no pores could under the camera; she was like the best quality of white jade.

A cool breeze brushed against her and the pages fluttered, producing a soft sound...

The world was steady, all was tranquil.

When everyone saw this scene, this line somehow crossed their minds.

Right at that moment, there was a creak and the balcony door was pushed open before a lean figure walked in.

When Ke Mingyu appeared in the centre of the scene, everyone found themselves gasp, including Jiang Muye who could not help but straighten up.

At that moment, Ke Mingyu wore a grey checkered tuxedo with a white shirt on the inside and a black tie. In his hand was a white velvet blanket. He seemed like the deepest parts of a jungle covered in white snow, revealing a kind of distinct profoundness...

It was the same person, but his entire charisma had changed entirely.

One second ago, he was still a rather gloomy and indifferent young man, but at that very moment he was the epitome of the saying "the beauty in high places is like a jade, while the handsome young man is unmatched in the world".

This kind of breathtaking scene had nothing to do with how one looked; it was all about charisma!

Those who knew a little would know that for an actor, charisma was something that could not be seen or touched. It was the hardest element to control.

Qi Fang was so shocked that he immediately stood up and said, "Jesus...how could this be? How did he change into a whole different person once he started acting? Is this...is this really Ke Mingyu?"

Chen Hanchen continued to stare steadily at the shoot. Ji Yumeng had also held her breath and paid rapt attention. She could not help but mumbled, "Am I having an illusion? I feel like Ke Mingyu's gaze on Senior is not an act..."

Ke Mingyu's shoot was still going on.

Ling Yu walked onto the balcony, his movements gentle as he covered Ji Feixue with the blanket. When he looked at Ji Feixue, his aura changed again as if the spring day had offered a warm breeze, melting the ice a little, and it was as if millions of flowers bloomed in his eyes...

After he covered her well, Ling Yu was ready to get up and leave but he paused because he wanted to take one last look at Ji Feixue.

His two hands held the handrail as if he had just been bewitched and he could not control himself, then he very slowly walked closer to Ji Feixue...

In those sinking eyes, there was love, rationality, struggle...all of it contained a lot of complicated emotions and waves crashed within him, making his heart and soul restless...

As he was getting even closer to Ji Feixue, almost everyone present had been sucked into the emotional world of Ling Yu and all was silent.

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