Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 922

Would Ling Yu actually kiss her?

After all, his feelings for Ji Feixue had been suppressed for so long...

He was the first to find out that Ji Feixue was a woman and he had been helping her to cover up. He quietly protected her behind the scenes, while he watched her love Si Xia...

At that moment, Ling Yu was only several breaths away from Ji Feixue and he was about to kiss her in the next second!

"Hey! Didn't the script say they didn't kiss!? What's this punk trying to do?!" Jiang Muye could not bear the tension and suddenly stood up. He felt like there was something about this guy that he did not like, but he could not put a finger on it.

Chen Mian shot him a look unhappily and said in a lowered voice, "Quiet! Don't affect my actors!"

"Your good actor is about to use public means for private reasons!"


While Jiang Muye made a fuss, Ling Yu suddenly closed his eyes and in that instant, all his mixed emotions, the tension and the uncertain atmosphere suddenly vanished.

Ling Yu closed his eyes, stood up and arranged the blanket that had been blown by the wind before sitting on the rattan chair across Ji Feixue.

Then, he picked up the book in Ji Feixue's hand and quietly flipped through it as if nothing had just happened, no emotions revealed on his face.

All of the crew members seemed to have suddenly woken up from a charming and gentle dream too, returning to reality.

Ke Mingyu had just performed the most distinct characteristic of Ling Yu, that was subtlety. After all, he had so quickly restrained all of his emotions...

Just as everyone present had been shocked quite a few times by Ke Mingyu's acting, Ning Xi who had her eyes closed and pretended to be asleep, did not know anything at all. She had only deducted that the warm breath near her indicated that someone had suddenly closed in on her, then left.

Before the person left, she heard a light sigh beside her ear. That voice seemed to have some sort of magic as it lingered in her ear till now as if narrating the owner's suppressed yet deeply felt emotions.

Finally, after counting the time silently in her heart, Ning Xi decided that she could open her eyes again.

A moment later, Ning Xi moved slightly, and fluttered her long eyelashes a few times before slowly opening up her eyes...

The moment Ning Xi opened her eyes, she saw that opposite her was a man holding a book, and his head was tilted as he sat there reading.

When he heard her waking up, the man slowly looked up and the layer of ice that separated him from the world instantly cracked. With his gentle and loving eyes, looked at her. "You're awake."

Having just opened up her eyes and being met with such an intense gaze, Ning Xi's skipped a beat, then she was just dumbfounded.

That was right! For the first time in history, Ning Xi did a bad take!

Ji Yumeng was shocked. Chen Hanchen looked delighted while Qi Fang was completely stupefied. He thought that Ke Mingyu would make a bad take, but no one expected that it would be Ning Xi!

The person who was most shocked was definitely Jiang Muye. Damn it, he had actually lived long enough to see Ning Xi do a bad take!

Chen Mian also reacted after a moment of shock. He quickly called "Cut" and started laughing, "Ning Xi, why were you stunned? Did you really fall asleep earlier?"

Ning Xi regained her senses and got up from the rattan chair. She could not help but look at Ke Mingyu again...

In that instance earlier, why did the feeling this person give her feel so similar to the devil's?

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