Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 923

Ning Xi pinched the space between her brows and apologized, "I'm sorry, Director, I was accidentally distracted..."

"No worries, the first half was perfect! We can use all of it, so let's just shoot from the part where you're waking up!" Chen Mian said delightedly.

Before this, he had been worried that Ke Mingyu was too reserved and that he would not be good at acting emotional scenes, but who knew that he would be so good? That gaze of his was so on point!

He could already predict that when the movie was released, even though he was only the second lead and did not have Chen Hanchen's bedazzling looks, he would still garner many fans with this emotional side of his.

"Okay..." Ning Xi answered absent-mindedly and could not help but look for Ke Mingyu's figure amidst the crowd.

When they were not acting, Ke Mingyu returned to being non-existent, drowning in the sea of people.

Ning Xi was pensively looking at the man who was reading his script, when Jiang Muye suddenly appeared beside her and pulled her over. "Ning Xi, come over here!"

"What is it?"

Jiang Muye scratched his head and said mysteriously, "Ning Xiao Xi, did you notice that the way this guy acted earlier felt especially like my uncle?"

"Duh! If you felt it, would I not? Didn't you see how I had done a bad take?!" Ning Xi said annoyedly.


In the corner, Qi Fang walked to Ke Mingyu excitedly to strike a conversation with him. "Hey, Ke Mingyu, you were so cool earlier! Even that person who likes to haul others around was so shocked by you that she did a bad take! Did you really self-learn all of your acting skills? Do you have any secrets?"


Qi Fang rambled on for practically half a day, yet received only a one-word reply, so he instantly looked unhappy and returned to his seat.

"Pfft! Acting all cool...he's just a newbie with an ordinary name, regular looks and aura. We don't even know where's he from, maybe he has some impressive background..."

If he really did have such a background, he naturally did not need to mix around with them because he had no need to waste his time on them.

"It's just a broke person doing his job," Chen Hanchen said suddenly.

When Qi Fang heard this, he asked, "Hanchen, have you asked around? See, I knew it! Based on his looks, I knew he would not have any huge support behind him!"


After they rested for a while, the shoot continued.

On the sun-lit balcony, the man sat on the chair with a book in his hand, his long fingers flipping the book for a while. His body exuded the air of an aristocrat's. The girl slept in the rattan chair opposite him and she was slowly opening her eyes...

"You're awake." The man looked up, his eyes even more attractive than the sun and he looked at her with tenderness that did not invade her personal space but engulfed her with warmth.

"Ning Xi...Ning Xi, dialogue..." Chen Mian anxiously reminded not too far away.

However, Ning Xi continued to stare stunned at Ke Mingyu, doing a bad take again.

Chen Mian was speechless. What was going on?

Why did he feel like the way Ning Xi looked at Ke Mingyu was not right?! Had she practically...fallen into the river of love...?

After he shouted "Cut!", Chen Mian called Ning Xi over to remind her, "Ning Xi, watch your eyes, you're not expressing yourself correctly! In this show, Ji Feixue treats Ling Yu as a friend. She does not have any feelings for him, so you can't look like you're moved..."

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