Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 926

"Are you awake?"

"Mmm..." Ning Xi yawned and stretched lazily, then she pulled out the pillow behind her, hugged it and remained lost in thought.

Even though Ji Feixue was in a male disguise, she had just woken up. Furthermore, she was before Ling Yu who knew her identity. In such an unguarded situation, the initially strict and unruly aura used to intentionally maintain her masculine image faded away. Her expression was soft and some of her hair was sticking up from her head as if she was a blur little cat, making her look extraordinarily cute...

In that instant, all the crew members and actors were blown away by her cuteness!

"Oh! S-Senior is so cute! So cute! How can she be so cute!? Who knew that Senior would have this side to her!?" Ji Yumeng whipped out her handphone and started snapping excitedly. "Worthy of a Senior! Too amazing!"

The sunflower seeds in Qi Fang's hand fell to the floor. As he watched the scene of the girl looking soft and vulnerable in the rattan chair as she hugged her pillow, his cheeks started to heat up.

Whoa! To hell with this!

He actually thought that this annoying person was quite cute too...

Chen Hanchen was stunned as well. The change from an extremely annoying and despicable man to such an obedient and cute girl was such a drastic difference, even more than Ke Mingyu's change earlier...

"Is it a good read?" Ji Feixue tilted her head and looked at the Complete Works of Shakespeare book in his hand.

"Hide it well," said the man as he looked at her.

In fact, the man's tone was lowered now and he seemed not to be very happy.

"Ah? What?" Ji Feixue did not understand the random words he just uttered, innocence and confusion written all over her face. Before Ling Yu, she was completely displaying her genuine personality.

The man did not say anything. He just flipped open to one of the pages and passed the book to her.

Ji Feixue looked down and saw that the page Ling Yu opened had been unknowingly filled with a single person's name, scrawled by her.

It was filled up; all of it was "Si Xia...Si Xia..."

Ji Feixue's cheeks turned scarlet and she snatched the book back. "Annoying! How can you simply look at someone else's book?!"

Then, she angrily stomped out of the balcony with her book.

Behind her, the man looked at the girl's departing figure with a mix of helplessness and an urge to laugh. However, once all of that had faded, there remained loneliness and profoundness, an inner turmoil that one could not fathom...

"Very good! Done!" Chen Mian breathed a sigh of relief, then laughed, "Ning Xi, your performance this time was good! It was the feeling I completely wanted to capture!"

It was even better than he had imagined!

He wanted to achieve the image of a female lead that could touch the depths of people's hearts, no matter if she was playing a male or female persona.

Ning Xi was very good at acting as a man, to the point that he was almost worried that she would not be good as a woman. Indeed, he had worried unnecessarily...

"Xiao Ke's performance today was not bad too. Keep it up!" Chen Mian was not stingy with compliments towards Ke Mingyu too.

Having a heart that appreciated talent, he had even considered helping Ke Mingyu find a suitable management company.

Otherwise, if such a valuable seedling like him walked the wrong path, that would be such a waste.

After the scene was done, Ning Xi kept on wanting to get close to Ke Mingyu, but she kept being stopped by Jiang Muye.

"You stop right there!"

"Don't bother me!"

"If I don't bother about you and you cook up a scandal, wait till Ling Zhizhi hates your guts!"

"Sis Zhizhi is not that cruel!"

"Haha, she's not that cruel? You're too naive! If you want to die, I won't stop you!"

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