Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 927

Jiang Muye was sullen now. He would never admit that he could not measure up to Lu Tingxiao.

And now a newbie had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, making Ning Xi completely ignore him. How could he stand this!?

When he saw Ning Xi still being restless and uneasy, Jiang Muye said helplessly, "Why don't I help you investigate this dude's background?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Ning Xi immediately nodded.

Ning Xi looked at the shooting schedule for the day and realized sadly that she and Ke Mingyu only had that day's scene together.

Most of the movie's plot revolved around the male and female lead. While the second male lead did not have many parts, most of his scenes were with the female lead.

Up next was Chen Hanchen and Qi Fang's scene, which was a kissing scene between both of the men.

The plot was about how Chen Hanchen realized that his feelings towards the female lead werebecoming increasingly odd, so he was suspicious if he actually liked men. In his panic and a pressure to find out for himself, he tested it out on Qi Fang.

This scene was the most important comedy in this entire movie.

Most of Qi Fang's scenes were quite funny and if he took on his character well, he would actually be very likable.

"Come over here," Si Xia crushed the cigarette in his hand and suddenly called Jiang Xiaohai, who was busy playing games, over.

"What is it!?" Jiang Xiaohai was glued to his game and did not even look up.

Si Xia just walked over, then gripped Jiang Xiaohai's chin and inched closer...

"Ughhh..." Just when they were about to join their lips, the both of them turned around and gagged.

All of the crew members laughed.

This scene ran through more than ten times of bad takes before it finally passed and the two men immediately ran off to rinse their mouths when they were done.

After thoroughly gargling their mouths, Qi Fang leaned drearily on the chair and said, "Karma gets back at you quickly in life...I won't gloat over other people's misfortunes anymore..."

Chen Hanchen used his handkerchief to wipe his mouth, then shot Qi Fang a nasty look. He instantly turned his head away in clear disdain.

"Pfft! What's with the scorn!? You're the one who forcefully kissed me. I'm the biggest victim here!"

Ji Yumeng laughed until she could stand straight up anymore as she watched the comical duo...

While everyone was still chuckling about the shoot, the director's assistant suddenly brought in a girl who seemed like she was there to visit the set.

When he saw the girl behind the director's assistant, Qi Fang was instantly resurrected to life again. "Whoa! Chick alert! Major chick! And she's totally my type! A tall and mature older woman!"

Qi Fang was so excited that his entire body heated up.

Chen Hanchen straightened up too, his expression changing. Was that the Zhuang family's daughter, Zhuang Keer?

Why would she be here?

He had seen her once when he followed his father to join a banquet. Even now, he definitely would not mistake her presence with her strong aura.

When she saw Qi Fang, Chen Hanchen, and all the men salivating over the woman, Ji Yumeng puffed up her cheeks unhappily.

"What...what's so pretty about her? Her face is like a poker stick as though someone owes her a lot of money or something! Why do you men always like women like this?"

"Hahaha...I think you're jealous!" Qi Fang teased.

"Who's jealous?!" Ji Yumeng was akin to a cat whose tail had been stepped on. While she did look sweet and pretty, she did indeed envy those tall, cool beauties with charisma.

"Who's that beauty? It doesn't make sense that I don't have any impression of her if she were a celebrity," Qi Fang asked.

"That's Imperial's number one socialite, Zhuang Keer," answered Chen Hanchen.

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