Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 930

"That's good then." Ning Xi nodded, although she knew as well as Zhuang Keer did that Zhuang Rongguang probably would not sit still for long. To completely tame him was an almost impossible feat.

After being warned earlier, Jiang Muye sat quietly in a corner but when he heard this, he could not help but explode, "Please! Ning Xiao Xi, you spent so much effort in the game last night to help this woman? How did the two of you even get to know each other?"

"None of your business. Don't cut us women off!"

She chatted a while more with Zhuang Keer before the shooting began again.

Ning Xi let Zhuang Keer have her seat, then she put a cushion behind her before she covering her with a blanket. Then, she got Xiao Tao to buy her a cup of hot cocoa before she actually set off to start work.

A chilly gust blew past him and something came to Jiang Muye's mind.

"We're both here to visit you, so why are we treated so differently?! Why?! It really is hoes over bros for you!"

Jiang Muye's expression turned gloomy as he gritted his teeth. He scoffed to himself. Since you're so mean to me, I'll be mean to you too! I definitely won't tell you who Ke Mingyu really is, you little punk! You're dead!

He stole a look at Ke Mingyu and saw that he had returned to his usual calmness. Had he not seen it for himself, he would have thought he had been dreaming.

When Zhuang Keer saw Jiang Muye's grumpiness, she gave him a piece of dessert. "Want some?"

"No!" Jiang Muye grumbled, then he glared at her. "How do the two of you know each other?"

Zhuang Keer recalled sweetly, "We met at one of Lu Jingli's parties. Xiao Xi was in a male disguise. Then, some stuff happened and thankfully, she rescued me...the next time we met was in my house..."

Zhuang Keer inarticulately rambled on about the process of how she knew Ning Xi. After Jiang Muye finished listening, Jiang Muye indicated that his view of the world had been entirely turned upside down.

She had somehow made her own love rival become his uncle's rival!

This Ning Xi is inhumane!

He suddenly felt a random pity towards his uncle...

When she saw the shoot was about to begin, Zhuang Keer immediately sat up and said, "I won't talk to you anymore, I want to watch Xiao Xi act!" She watched the set in full focus with the expression of a complete fan.

Before the shoot, Ning Xi suddenly walked over to Jiang Muye and said in a low voice, "Later, look out for that guy's reactions!"

Jiang Muye naturally knew she was talking about Ke Mingyu. He asked guiltily, "What are you playing out in this next scene?"

"Mmm, sofa stuff..."

"Wait...what the hell is 'sofa stuff'?"

Ning Xiao Xi, do not court disaster!

This scene was between Ning Xi and Chen Hanchen.

The movie's male lead, Si Xia, was excellent in every aspect except for one thing. He was at a loss before girls, his IQ and EQ all rendered useless.

The male lead actually had a crush on a girl for quite a long time but because of this problem of his, he did not know how to court her.

In the living room, the usually meticulous-looking Si Xia now looked haggard. His hair was messy and he had dark eye circles. He sat limply on the sofa, looking dreary.

At that moment, a handsome looking Ji Feixue walked in, creating a stark contrast to Si Xia.

"My Master Chen, it's just going after a girl. Does it really trouble you to this extent?" Ji Feixue said as she took out two cans of beer from the fridge, one of which was given to Si Xia.

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