Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 931

Si Xia took a gulp and said in distress, "I really don't know how I should do it!"

Ji Feixue drank from the can and looked at it, a bitterness filling her eyes.

Right in front of me is such a brilliant and high-spirited young man, yet he's so incredibly lonely and desolate...

Ji Feixue very quickly covered up the emotions in her eyes as she put down the can and sat right down beside Si Xia. "Is it that hard? Come here, let me teach you! Now, I shall be you, you be the girl!"

Si Xia looked like he had just found his savior. "Okay, then what do I do?"

"You don't do anything..." Ji Feixue said as she extended her arm on the sofa behind Si Xia. This posture made the two of them very closely instantly.

Si Xia frowned in confusion, unsure about what he was supposed to do.

In the next second, Ji Feixue's gaze suddenly turned to stare intently at the man before her. "I like you. Shall we go on a date?"

The instant she said it, her expression and gaze changed completely.

On her face was the look of someone deeply in love who thought about her crush day and night but could not have them. It was filled with suppression and passion; it was fanatical to the point that it could destroy everything but at the same time, it was so gentle as if it could warmly hold everything. From the genuineness of her expression and words, instead of her teaching Si Xia how to confess to girls, it would be more apt to say that she was confessing to Si Xia herself...

When faced with the pair of breathtaking eyes that were also filled with feverish passion, Chen Hanchen was immediately stunned."You..."

It was a good thing his reaction fit the reaction of the character's in the script. Si Xia had also been stunned by Ji Feixue's gaze.

When they all watched this scene, all of the crew members especially the girls sighed and almost sobbed.

"Oh, to be cornered by Prince Charming! How I wish I was Si Xia..."

"I'm about to melt from this gaze..."

"Si Xia must be completely dense in the head if he can't tell that Ji Feixue likes him!"


Jiang Muye was entranced by the shoot, only regaining his senses when he listened to all the girls' noisy chatter beside him. He quickly glanced towards Ke Mingyu in a corner.

Ah, it was a good thing that when Ning Xi was acting, a certain someone's reaction was rather calm. Or, at least, he looked calm from the outside...

"Good! Cut! That was very good!" Chen Mian shouted in satisfaction.

Chen Hanchen breathed a sigh of relief as if freed from the weight of a burden. He had thought that Ning Xi would try to topple on him again but did not expect that it would be this smooth. In fact, it was so smooth that he almost could not believe it that he had completely been absorbed into the scene by her perfect actions, finishing the scene without even realizing it...

When they were done, Ning Xi quickly pulled Jiang Muye into a corner. "How? Did Ke Mingyu have any odd reactions?"

Jiang Muye considered for a while between brotherhood and his life, then he firmly answered, "Nope, all was normal! In fact, Bro Ming just called me back earlier to report that Ke Mingyu was just an ordinary salaryman who learned to act by himself, so don't always imagine the wildest things, okay?"

Ning Xi stroked her chin. " I must miss him too much because I've been so busy recently that I don't have time to date the Boss!"

"Uh...please, the next time you want to display your affection, can you offer a warning beforehand?"

He had been force-fed this public display of affection...

At that moment, Zhuang Keer answered a phone call, then rushed over, "Xiao Xi, you acted really well! I wish I could watch longer but sadly, I have to go. Someone just called from home and said that my brother has run out again..."

"Why does this punk keep causing trouble?" Ning Xi frowned and said worriedly, "Then, you be careful on the road. If you need my help, call me anytime."

"Mmm, I will!"

"Oh, wait, I have something to give you!"

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