Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 934

"Boss, do you need me to arrange for Xiong Zhi to disguise as part of the crew? Or Shi Xiao?" Cheng Feng asked carefully.

"There's no need."

Cheng Feng had been nervously figuring out how to pose this question for half a day, but all he got from the Boss was a two-word answer before he hung up.

Could it be because there were not that many dangerous scenes in this movie?

No, wait...with Boss's personality, even if there was only one dangerous scene, he would not take things so lightly...

"Assistant Cheng, how did it go?"

"What did Boss say? Is he letting me or Xiong Zhi go?"

When they saw Cheng Feng hang up, Xiong Zhi and Shi Xiao, who had been waiting on the sidelines for a long time, quickly rushed up to ask.

Cheng Feng looked at the two of them and replied, "None of you have to go. The Boss said that he doesn't need anyone there."

When they heard this, Xiong Zhi and Shi Xiao looked at each other, their expressions in disbelief.

"Assistant Cheng, are you sure?"


Cheng Feng was quite speechless at their reaction. "The two of you...Shi Xiao, when you were delegated this task by the Boss from the start, it was you who rejected the job. Xiong Zhi, let's not talk about you neglecting your duties and leading Miss Ning Xi into danger. Knowing the Boss, do you think he would use the two of you again? You should just give up and not think about it anymore, the Boss might've already delegated someone else to protect her!"

"How can that be!? I've asked around! None of our bros have been sent over!" Shi Xiao said agitatedly.

"Could it be someone from the secret department? Have we been thoroughly discarded by the Big Boss...?" Xiao Zhi looked disappointed.

Cheng Feng shook his head. "I've already pointed the both of you to the best pathway, yet you didn't take it, so who's to blame now? But don't worry, it's not that serious. The Boss just didn't delegate an important task to you."

"How is this not serious?!" Shi Xiao's face turned beetroot as he shouted.

He was really regretting it now! He was once the Boss's highest regarded subordinate; even the duty of protecting the Lady Boss had been assigned to him but he had ruined it for himself, no thanks to his own arrogance and conceitedness...

After she returned home to Platinum Palace, Ning Xi was about to fall asleep when her phone suddenly rang.

When she saw who the sender of the message was, her expression changed in the next second.

It was Tang Ye!

Ever since she had returned from DC, she had not received any news from him, so she almost forgot about what had happened...

Why did the First Senior Brother message her now?

Ning Xi's instincts told her that it was nothing good. The last message he had sent was about an S level mission about a marriage proposal, almost scaring her to death. Nonetheless, such a thing could not be resolved by simply avoiding it.

With a heavy expression, Ning Xi struggled and at last, she clicked on the message.

On the screen were these words: [Bar number eight. See you half an hour later]

There was just a venue and time. How outrageously simple like Tang Ye's usual style, not giving anyone the possibility of rejecting him.

Why would First Senior Brother invite her out to meet at the bar tonight?

Ning Xi stood up and walked back and forth in her house, then she replied: [What is it?]

Tang Ye only replied with two words:[Arrive quickly]

God damn it! Could he not tell her what was going on first so she could at least prepare herself mentally instead of being scared to death like the last time?

Ning Xi angrily replied again: [You tell me what is happening first!]

On the screen: Your message was not sent succesfully.

"Damn it!" She had almost forgotten that Tang Ye had only allowed her the limit of one message a day.

Damn it, this is so annoying!

Ning Xi scratched her hair in frustration, then she quickly packed up and prepared to leave. Before she left, she turned back and brought with her the gun that Lu Tingxiao had given her.

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