Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 935

First Senior Brother had unexpectedly returned again.

What could it be this time...?

Ning Xi was worried. A thousand possibilities permutated in her mind on the way there, every one of them bloody and atrocious.

She reached the barright on time half an hour later.

Ning Xi did not have the time to change when she received the message, so she was still wearing her male outfit. She stepped into the bar, which was washed in green light, in her black riding gloves and black boots.

This was one of Imperial's busiest bars and that time was also peakhour. In the center of the stage, a sexy dancer was gyrating on the pole and the entire place was filled with booming music and clamor...

This was obviously not the kind of meeting point that fit First Senior Brother's personality, so it really surprised her.

As for Second Senior Brother, on the other hand, he would definitely like it...

Ning Xi wove through the crowd and was stopped by a few girls on the way. At last, she finally noticed a familiar shadow in the corner, far away from the stage.

The man wore his gold-rimmed glasses as always. His polite and courteous demeanor stood out from the noisy bar.

Of course, this aesthetic angle of him was just the surface.

Ning Xi stood three steps away from Tang Ye and hesitated to move closer, wary of deceit.

When he saw Ning Xi stood there unmoving, impatience flashed across the man's eyes."Come over."

Ning Xi flew over and sat down, although she left an arm's length between them and her back was tensed up. "First Senior Brother, you've called me over this time because...?"

In a flash, Tang Ye suddenly whipped out a huge bouquet of flowers from behind him.

Ning Xi's spine gave way and she almost collapsed before him. "Huh? Not again..."

Tang Ye did not say anything, only studying her with murderous eyes.

Was he giving flowers or murdering someone on another's behalf?

Ning Xi could only nervously accept the bouquet. However, she was silently cursing and laughing on the inside. No wonder the entire organization was full of single men! They were all crazy! If she did not increase their EQ, all of them would probably be single until the day they died...

What was different from the last time was that this time, a certain someone did not ask Tang Ye to kneel down on one knee. In fact, that dude had just presented her a huge bouquet of black roses. The flower language for black roses was..."you are a demon, and you are all mine."

Black flowers...

As she looked at the bouquet, Ning Xi suddenly felt a weird emotion rise in her.

Tang Ye suddenly said, "Call him."

"Huh? Call who?" Ning Xi was stunned.

"Tang Lang."

"Second Senior Brother?"

"Call him over."

Ning Xi was instantly dumbfounded.

Pfft! So, this was First Senior Brother's main objective! No wonder we met up here! He had actually used me to attract Second Senior Brother here!

The last time, Second Senior Brother had used a lowly way to defeat him. If she called Second Senior Brother here now, the end of him would be...

"Um, First Senior Brother, have you misunderstood? Why would I be able to contact Second Senior Brother?! To tell you the truth, after meeting the last time, I haven't been in contact with him," Ning Xi replied with an honest and sincere expression.

Tang Ye nonchalantly arranged his collar and said, "If he doesn't come, you'll fight with me."

Ning Xi grabbed her phone and dialed. "Hello....Second Senior Brother! Second Senior Brother, hey! Come to Bar Number Eight to drink! Yep, Bar Number Eight! Come quickly! I'll be waiting! There're many pretty girls here! Hurry! It's okay if you don't have money, I'll pay!"

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