Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 936

Ning Xi ended the call as soon as possible then looked at Tang Ye nervously. "First Senior Brother...is that alright?"

Tang Ye fondled the wine glass on the table and took a sip, leaving traces of wine on his lips. Behind his glasses, his eyes were full of bloodlust.

Second Senior Brother, I'm sorryFirst Senior Brother is too scary!

No one knew why First Brother Senior had come back this time, but capturing Second Senior Brother was definitely his priority, even more so than an S ranked mission. It was surely because of Second Senior Brothers dirty trick the last time!

Ning Xi was too afraid to talk to Tang Ye. She did not need to look at him to know that Tang Ye was extremely dangerous now.

She downed the glass of beer in front of her. When she noticed that Tang Ye was not looking over, she tried to take her phone out sneakily and was thinking of sending Tang Lang a warning message

As she was about to type, Tang Yes radar-like senses picked up on her intentions and he glared at her.

Ning Xi was intimidated and she quickly smiled to cover up. "I...Im trying to send Second Senior Brother a message and tell him our room number...you know, in case he cant find us"

Tang Ye extended his arm, signaling her to pass him the phone.

Ning Xi surrendered it obediently. She then saw Tang Ye sending a message to Tang Lang using her phone.

What did he send?

Ning Xi took a peek at Tang Ye's vampire-like pale fingers typing a message: [Room C, table 13. Come quickly, Im waiting for you!]

He then returned the phone to Ning Xi emotionlessly.

Ning Xi was speechless. Goosebumps rose on her skin when she saw howSenior Brother imitated the way she sent her messages.

Just how much did he want to torture Second Senior Brother!?

Time passed by and Ning Xi was getting more and more irritated. "Uhm, well...since First Senior Brother is going to settle some private matters with Second Senior Brother, can I leave first? I promise that I won't tell him about it! You know I wont dare to!"

"No," Tang Ye replied without hesitation.

"W-why? I've nothing to do here" Ning Xi almost cried.

"Im going to serve you an example," Tang Ye said coldly.

"Ugh" Ning Xi just stood there on the verge of breaking down.

Whatever was going to happen to Second Senior Brother would be an example to her.

As Ning Xi felt dreadful, Tang Lang called her phone.

"Hey, Little Junior Sister, wheres your table?" It was Tang Langs ever-cheerful voice.

"You...youre here? So quickly?" Ning Xi was surprised and she turned to lookat the entrance.

"Didnt you say that there're a lot of pretty girls? Of course, Id be quick!" Tang Lang replied cheerily.

Ning Xi saw Tang Lang walk in. He really did dress up. He wore a snug black top with a gaping collar, proudly showing his buff chest. He also had a silver skull ring on his finger and his curly dark hair was combed back, highlighting his charming smile. He looked just like himself

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