Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 937

With her phone to her ear, Ning Xi crossed her fingers on her other hand, then said, "Were at your 2 oclock."

"Oh...I see you! But why arent there any girls? Where're they? Little Junior Sister, whats wrong with your eye? Are you alright?" Tang Lang walked over, still focused on his objective of picking up chicks and not noticing Ning Xi trying to signal him with her eyes.

Ning Xi sat in a dark corner, and from his point of view, he could only see Ning Xi alone on the sofa. There was no one with her.


"Whats that on your right?!" He saw a man with gold-framed glasses sitting quietly beside her with a wine glass in his hand and Tang Lang freaked out.

Ning Xi said in a weak voice, "As you can see, its First Senior Brother."

"Damn you, Tang Xi! What about the girls!? You betrayed me! Youre so dead!" Tang Lang yelled as he was tried to look for an escape route.

How naive.

As he turned around, he felt pressure on his waist. A silver whip was wrapped around him and he was pulled backwards. He rolled on the floor and crashed into a cold, sinister person.

Tang Lang tried to get the whip off but it was not working. He turned his head around and forced a smile. "Hey, baby, long time no see. I didn't expect such a warm welcome from you, you're making me embarrassed"

Ning Xi covered her face

He was still trying to flirt right on the doorstep of death!

Tang Ye said coldly and slowly, "I have something even more welcoming. Want to try?"

Tang Langs wrist was about to break, so he cried, "Be gentler, baby! Whos going to fight with you if you break me!? We still have a long way ahead!"

"Shut up!" Tang Ye held him firmly and they left the bar. Tang Lang walked in front while Tang Ye controlled him from the back; to anyone else, they just seemed like close friends on a night out.

Ning Xi tried to take the opportunity to sneak away but the both of them spoke to her simultaneously.

"Did you forget what I said?" Tang Ye said.

"You bastard, Ill never forgive you if I die tonight!" Tang Lang yelled.

Ning Xi was speechless.

Ning Xi followed them obediently and mumbled, "What can I do here? The difference is just watching you die and not watching you die"

"You betrayed me knowing that Id die?" Tang Lang roared.

Ning Xi was incensed. "Dont you know how scary he is? If you were in my position, would you have done anything else?"

Tang Lang yelled frustratedly, "Id surely betray you! Im not stupid!"

Moments later, Tang Ye led him into a quiet alley. It was a dead end and there were high walls on both sides. plus the only way out was blocked by Tang Ye.

What a perfect spot to dispose of someone

After he got free of the whip, Tang Lang rubbed his wrists sourly. "Come on, Tang Ye, I just beat you that one time. What do you want now?"

Ning Xis mouth twitched. Stupid, arrogant fool, mentioning his victory now

As expected, Tang Yes expression darkened and his hand reached for his glasses. "Choose a way to die."

Tang Lang gulped. "Can I die happily?"

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