Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 938

"I think youre still not learning your lesson here." Tang Ye slowly removed his glasses.

Tang Lang freaked out. "Hey...dont! Dont always take off your glasses suddenly, alright? Lets talk this out!"

He was too late. Tang Yes bloodlust was boldly directed at him and the fierce beast inside him was uncaged.

Tang Ye ran his fingers through his hair, then he flung his glasses towards Ning Xi.

Ning Xi quickly and carefully took the glasses. She made a cheering gesture. "First Senior Brother, all the best!"

Tang Lang shook his fist at her. "You bastard, if Im still alive later, Ill kill you!"

Ning Xi waved at him. "Talk to me later if you survive!"

Tang Ye started the assault and each of them aimed at the other's weak points. Soon, Tang Ye went into manic mode.

Ning Xi was holding the pair of glasses and her bouquet of black flowers, standing at the far end of the alley. "Youre done for, Second Senior Brother. First Senior Brother has gotten way better!"

"Shut up! Ive improved as well, alright? Im going to prove"

"You dare to get distracted while fighting with me!?"

They were really going at it. Ning Xi could see that both of them were doing their very best. In the end, they lost sight of everything else.

Tang Ye clawed at Tang Langs throat. "Why!?"

Tang Lang smiled grimly and dodged Tang Yes fatal blow, then he countered, "Itll be dangerous for you to get distracted as well!"

Ning Xi looked on silently as she saw First Senior Brothers pained expression


She knew that First Senior Brother was asking why Second Senior Brother had betrayed him.

She had joined the Organization halfway in and when she had left, she had done so on her own, but what about Second Senior Brother?

Second Senior Brother had always regarded the Organization as his home. He respected First Senior Brother like his real brother and Master was practically his father, so what made him betray all of them?

"Tang Lang! Im asking you again! Why!?" Tang Ye roared, his expression like a mad man's.

It was obvious that Tang Ye had put himself through some hellish training and his power had increased significantly. Tang Lang was barely hanging in there.

Most importantly, she could see that Tang Lang seemed demotivated to fight anymore.

However, First Senior Brother would definitely not stop because he could not control himself either. If this continued, Tang Lang would definitely be gravely injuredor even die

As she saw Tang Yes grip on Tang Langs throat getting tighter, Ning Xi clenched her teeth, then she put the things she was holding downand rushed between them, crashing into Tang Ye.

Both of them flew apart. Tang Lang was coughing hard.

Tang Ye glared at Ning Xi. "Go away."

Ning Xi quickly said, "First Senior Brother, calm down! Lets talk this out, alright?"

Tang Ye picked up his glasses from the ground. "Tang Lang, and also you, Tang Xi, Im giving the both of you the last chance. Come back to the Organization."

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