Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 941

After Ning Xi finished showering and got changed into her pajamas, she crept into sleep beside Little Treasure.

She was not sure when Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure had become the source of her sense of security and become an evidence of her identity in this mortal world. As long as she could see them, she would have the courage, motivation, passion and a stable heart.

Lu Tingxiao walked to the bedside and sat, helping the mother and son pair cover up well with the blanket, then looked at the girl and asked, "Did something happen?"

Ning Xi slowly sat up and leaned into Lu Tingxiao's embrace. After some thought, she decided that it was best not to hide anything from him, so she started to explain, "Actually, I went to see someone tonight...I don't know if you still remember my First Senior Brother...is that man who wears glasses and had taken me away in Philadelphia the last time."

"I remember." Lu Tingxiao nodded slightly, a dim light filling his eyes.

"Mmm, it was him. He suddenly asked me to meet up at the bar tonight...but don't worry, he didn't make things hard for me. But Second Senior Brother used some dirty tricks to defeat him the last time, so he wanted to fight with him. Then, we discussed some things about Second Senior Brother leaving the faction. Well, whatever it is, First Senior Brother does not have any foul intentions towards us. He even secretly helped us and gave us a heads up..." Ning Xi explained.

"And then?"

"And then, I heard Second Senior Brother say that they seemed to have moved inwards China now, including...including that person..." Ning Xi hesitated to say anything further. Even her expression had changed a little.

When he heard her last three words, Lu Tingxiao subconsciously tensed up and even the air pressure around had instantly dropped. A moment later, he finally said hoarsely, "So, what do you think?"

Ning Xi felt a random chill and she stole a look at Lu Tingxiao's darkened expression, not understanding why his mood had suddenly turned dour. "Ah? What do I think? About that person, or about the situation? Whatever it is, I just think it's quite troublesome! I don't want to be related to them or anything about them anymore. I just want to live my life peacefully, shoot my movies, earn my money, be with my loved ones, and be with my baby darling! I just want to be fine!"

With Ning Xi's reassuring words, Lu Tingxiao's stiff and cold expression gradually softened.

After all, she had once liked that person and had rejected Lu Tingxiao many times for the other guy. What he was more worried about was no doubt whether the other person's return would shake up any emotions within her...

"Don't worry. With me around, no one can force you to do anything you don't want to."

"Mmm! That's why I'm here to be close to you!"


In the morning, the sunrays seeped through the windows, warming the entire room.

On the bed opposite the window, Little Treasure was waking up in a daze from under his blanket. He arched his little body slightly and realized that there was a warmth beside him. In fact, there was something soft and it smelled good...


The little guy yawned, then opened his eyes and turned his head over. The first thing he saw unexpectedlywas Aunty Xiao Xi beside him!


The little bun immediately widened his eyes the way children did when they saw a house full of candy and toys.

He liked neither candy nor toys; he liked Aunty Xiao Xi.

The little bun instantly rolled out of bed and stared unblinkingly at his Mommy who was sound asleep beside him. He carefully poked his soft little finger on Mommy's face, then again.


Very warm.


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