Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 942

At that moment, there were footsteps at the door.

Lu Tingxiao leaned on the door frame and smiled at his son's face, clearly delighted by his sudden happiness. "She came over last night but you were already asleep."

The little bun immediately puffed up his cheeks to complain about his father not waking him up. That way he could spend more time with Mommy!

"Mmm...mmm? Baby, you're awake..." Ning Xi woke up.

The moment she opened up her eyes and saw the soft little bun, Ning Xi's mood perked up. She hugged the little bun in her embrace and rolled around the bed. "Oh, I don't want to wake up, I don't want to go to work! I don't want to be separated from my baby Little Treasure!"

To hug the soft little bun on a winter morning like this was true happiness!

Little Treasure immediately hugged Mommy Xiao Xi back too.

He did not want to go to school either. He did not want to be separated from Mommy Xiao Xi!

As he watched the two of them roll around in bed, Lu Tingxiao laughed and shook his head. "I can help the two of you take leave."

Ning Xi blinked, then looked out from under the blanket with her messy hair. "Forget it, Lu Tingxiao! How can you be like this!? Shouldn't you educate us like a strict leader of the family at a moment like this by making the two of us go to school and go to work?"

Little Treasure followed suited and nodded. Exactly.

Lu Tingxiao was speechless. Fine, it was his mistake.

When she was fully charged from the little bun, Ning Xi was instantly energetic and she had put all the unhappiness and troubles behind her. She could now be fully immersed in her work.

Most of the day's shoot was scenes with Chen Hanchen, one of which was a fighting scene. She needed to rehearse beforehand, so when everyone else's scenes were being filmed, the two of them were practicing on the side.

Chen Mian had hired a coach to teach them some martial arts moves.

Chen Hanchen was in a pretty good mental state today, probably because he had waited for the scene where he would definitely fare better than Ning Xi.

In the end...

Half a day later, Ning Xi was leaning on the deck chair, sipping on her drink as she sunbathed and enjoyed the casual chat with the girls surrounding her, while Chen Hanchen was still raining in sweat as he practiced with the coach.

When he saw Chen Hanchen's sullen look, Chen Mian walked over to pat him on the shoulder. "Young man, I forgot to tell you. Ning Xi was previously a stunt double!"

Chen Hanchen had no words now.

Damn it, is this dude a monster? Is there anything she isn't good at?

Qi Fang stole looks at Ning Xi as he ran over to deliver a bottle of water to Chen Hanchen before he started. "Was this dude originally a man, and got reincarnated wrongly? This is too much!"

Chen Hanchen gulped down half a bottle of water, feeling dejected. It was fine if he had really lost to a man, but he was even crosser losing to a woman!

He was a man yet he could not measure up to a woman!

Qi Fang knew that Chen Hanchen had not been happy with Ning Xi for a long time, just like him. He thought of something, then said, "No matter what, she's still a woman. I don't believe that she hasn't a single flaw. I must think of a way for her to stop acting cool, then we'll see how she can continue being arrogant. Say, what are things that girls would definitely be especially afraid of? That the moment they see it, they'll definitely lose control and start even possibly crying...?"

Chen Hanchen looked at Qi Fang. He definitely would not do these sort of things on his own accord but since Qi Fang was ready to do it, he was happy to watch. After all, he had had enough.

Chen Hanchen pretended to casually suggest, "Snakes, I guess?"

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