Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 943

Finally, when she had finally finished shooting the fight scene with Chen Hanchen, Ning Xi returned to her seat.

The moment she sat down, Ke Mingyu suddenly walked towards her.

"What's up?" When she saw Ke Mingyu was looking for her, Ning Xi felt odd. This guy would usually not take the initiative to interact with anyone. To avoid being negatively affected by him, she had intentionally paid zero attention to him.

"I'm looking for Senior to rehearse some scenes," said Ke Mingyu.

"Oh, okay..." It was an extremely normal reason, so Ning Xi did not think too much about it. She picked up her script and continued, "Let me see, our scene for today is..."

As Ning Xi spoke, there was suddenly a cool and slippery sensation on her wrist, triggering a reaction on her skin.

She looked down to see that a tiny patterned snake had suddenly crawled onto her wrist...

Before Ning Xi could react, it had caught Xiao Tao's eyes and she let out an ear-shattering screech, "Aaaaaaaah, snake! Why is there a snake!? Bro Xi don't move! Don't move!"

"Ah! There's really a snake! How gross! It's not poisonous, is it?"

"What to do, what to do!? Bro Xi, I'll get someone to save you!" Ji Yumeng was frantically running all over the place while the other girls had almost fainted out of fright.


Ning Xi was just about to say something when, in the next second, the snake was already in Ke Mingyu's hands.

Ke Mingyu's fingers clamped down on the snake and it seemed like he was about to squeeze it to death with his bare hands.

Suddenly, Ning Xi shouted, "No! Don't, don't kill him!"

Ke Mingyu looked over in confusion.

Ning Xi unhappily shot him a look, then hurled out her hand. "Let go and give it to me!"

Give it...to her?

"Quick! It's about to be frightened to death by you, can't you see?" Ning Xi's tone was clearly upset.

Can't he see...?

When he saw Ning Xi was upset and realized that this was a non-poisonous snake, Ke Mingyu obediently delivered the snake to her.

Ning Xi took the green littlesnake and consoled it by patting its shiny scales. "This is not a poisonous snake. It won't hurt people. It's so cute, how could you kill it?!"

Ke Mingyu was speechless. He had initially wanted to be the hero that saved the beauty. How had he been scolded by the wife instead...?

Qi Fang and Chen Hanchen were speechless by the sight too. Where was the screeching and crying? Why was this not following the script they had in mind?

"Bro...Bro Xi, don't fool around now! Be careful, it might bite you!" Xiao Tao was so frightened that she was shaking now.

"Don't worry, this kind of snake is pretty tame. You can bite it and it wouldn't even bite back! Do you want to pet it? It's probably been awakened from its hibernation, that's why this little guy is still in a daze..."

"No, no, no, no! No, thanks!" Xiao Tao shook her head like a rattle drum.

To show that she was different from other girls and to let her dream guy view her in a new light, Ji Yumeng mustered the courage and walked up. "Let me!"

Once Ji Yumeng started, all the other girls also saw that the snake on Ning Xi's hand was tame. After making sure that it was really not poisonous, they all walked up too. All the girls were buzzing as they listened to how Ning Xi differentiated a poisonous snake from a non-poisonous one...

Qi Fang bit on the pillow in his arm in tears. "This dude is neither a woman nor a man; it's a monster! Oh! I'm so angry...but what the hell is up with that Ke Mingyu?! Why did he help her earlier? Shouldn't we all be on the same line of defense? How could he help the enemy?"

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