Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 946

Little Treasure ran to Ke Mingyu and just stared at him.

Ke Mingyu stayed silent.

Staring right n front of him could not satisfy him anymore, so Little Treasure started orbiting around him, circling himagain and again. He looked like he was conducting a scientific observation.

Xiao Tao found the situation confusing and funny at the same time. She said, "It seems that this kid likes you, Teacher Ke. He wants to play with you."

Ke Mingyu extended his long arms and prevented Little Treasure from being tripped by a small rock. He looked exhausted. "Its okay."

Qi Fang was really annoyed. "Birds of a feather flock together. This kids sense of beauty is just as twisted! Of all the good-looking guys and girls here, he went to Ke Mingyu!"

Chen Hanchen just took a glance at the kid, then went back to reading his script.

Qi Fang lazily flipped through the script as he mumbled, "The next scene is between Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu...oh, Ning Xis going to be in her female outfit. Speaking of which, I havent see Ning Xi in a female outfit after two days here. Its really difficult to imagine"

"Xiao Tao, can you help me bring Ning Xis bag in?" Ye Qius voice hollered from the dressing room.

Xiao Tao quickly replied, "Okay! Coming!"

"Teacher Ke, can you look after him for a while? Ill be back right away," Xiao Tao requested Ke Mingyu for help as she saw Little Treasure seemed to like him.


After Xiao Tao left, Little Treasure was still circling around Ke Mingyu. Ke Mingyu looked at the dressing room. Ning Xi should be done soon and if she saw Little Treasure circling him

"Dont keep circling around me," Ke Mingyu finally said.

Little Treasure stopped in front of him but his eyes never averted away. He was like a curious cat staring at the object of his interest. He even tried to touch Ke Mingyus face with his hand.

This kid was really similar to Ning Xi in this aspect. Even their reaction was the same.

Ke Mingyu lowered his voice and said, "Go and look for your mother."

Ning Xi came out of the dressing room at this moment and the little bun quickly went to her.

Ke Mingyu was relieved, he then looked at the dressing rooms direction.

Ning Xi was wearing a pink one-piece floral dress. Her cheekbones were highlighted and her curves were accentuated beautifully while her long black hair and beautiful eyes further enhanced her whole look. The makeup artist had probably tanned her skin for previous scenes. Her original skin tone was shining bright and it looked like she was sparkling when she walked by

"Oh my gosh! Is...is this really our Bro Xi? What skills do you possess, Sis Ye Qiu? She's become a totally different person!"

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