Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 947

"Its not me, Bro Xi herself is the real deal! I just touch up here and there!" Ye Qiu was impressed as ever as she watched the girl in front of her; her potential was endless.

"Senior...is so pretty" Ji Yumeng was dumbfounded. Even as a woman, she was impressed.

"As expected of Senior! Youre charming no matter if you're acting as a man or woman! I feel like Im turning into a lesbian soon"

Only Xiao Tao was able to keep calm. Now, everyone had witnessed how much of a beauty her Bro Xi was as a woman! Sis Zhizhis biggest worry was that she looked too pretty.

"Gulp" Among the crowd, there was Qi Fang admiring Ning Xis beauty.

"Ning...Ning Xi?" Chen Hanchens script fell onto the floor.

Ning Xi turned around, smiling, as she heard someone called her name. "Hmm?"

Chen Hanchen felt his senses lose control when he saw the girls smile. His heart raced faster and his mind went blank

"Its...its nothing!"

He thought that this woman was just like any other female celebrity he had seen before, that visuals from the televisions and pictures were just enhanced effects. Usually, their real image was multiple times worse than what was on screen, some even looked like totallydifferent people.

It was the first time he saw someone actually look better in real life than in pictures and movies. The screen was unable to enhance her perfect image;it limited her.

He had investigated her some time ago and thought he already knew all about her but it was only now that he truly knew her

Qi Fang quickly went up to her and offered her his coat, "Senior! Its cold. The scene isnt starting yet, use my coat!"

"Qi Fang, youre so good at this!"

"Youre way too fast!"

"Hahaha, this guy"

As everyone was focused on Ning Xi, Ke Mingyu slipped the little bun a blanket. "You know what to do."

This time, he used his real voice.

He was trying to make the wife happy by sending his child here. He thought that everything would be okay as he had successfully fooled his wife but his son had found out

Instead of having Little Treasure circling him and making Ning Xi suspicious, he tried to get Little Treasure on his side.

The little bun saw everyone surrounding his mother, so he got curious and suddenly forgot all about his father. He picked up the blanket and walked away

Before Ning Xi could reply Qi Fang, the little bun suddenly passed her a blanket right in front of her.

Ning Xi turned to the little bun and she felt touched. "Is this for me? Thank you so much!"

Qi Fang felt disappointed like a defeated pet dog

Ning Xi covered herself with the blanket Little Treasure passed her and thanked Qi Fang, "Thank you, I have a blanket already. Use it yourself to avoid catching a cold."

Qi Fang was glad about her counter-offer. "Thank you for your concern, Senior!"

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