Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 948

Chen Hanchen was looking speechlessly at Qi Fang.

Who was the one who kept complaining next to him and calling Ning Xi all sort of names, even putting the snake there?

Did Qi Fang just experience memory loss?

Qi Fang happily declared, "Ive decided that from now on, Ill be Seniors fan! A VIP fan! Was my brain fried before? I was actually jealous and creating problems for a pretty girl! What a loser I was!"

"I did not expect this. Ke Mingyu was the most calculative one here...he knew it all along and tried to get on Seniors good side. He even asked for an autograph from her. Plus, he also saved her just now! What a mistake on my part"

Qi Fang kept mumbling regretfully to himself, almost slapping himself out of frustration. He then suddenly stared at Ning Xi. "Shes really so pretty! How could there be such a pretty girl!? Im really envious of you, Hanchen, that you can be the male lead!"

Chen Hanchen was speechless.

Could you at least have a transition period for your shift in attitude? This is too fast. Where are your principles?

WhateverHe was not the right person to tell him off as of now

Chen Hanchen picked up his script, pressed his hand to his chest and tried to calm his racing heart.

Why, he had never felt this way before

He was a prideful man and he was especially strict when judging women from the entertainment industry but now

"Looks good! You're even prettier than last time!" Chen Mian was satisfied with Ning Xis outlook and he had nothing to complain about her.

She had gone on screen without makeup when she was playing the supporting role in his previous movie and at that time, she was already charming enough. Now, with fresh and youthful makeup, she totally fit his image of Ji Feixue.

"Come over here, Ning Xi, and Xiao Ke as well. Come here" Chen Mian called, "Seeing how you guys cooperated so well yesterday, this scene shouldnt be too difficult. Just do what you do best, Ning Xi. Heres the part you need to take note of later"

Ning Xi stood in front of the director while holding the little buns hand. She was focused on the director and the little bun was standing beside Ke Mingyu but he was not staring at him anymore.

Afterwards, Chen Mian clapped. "Alright, everyone, this is our last scene today. We'll wrap up after this!"

This scene revolved around the female lead in her female outfit accidentally meeting the secondary male lead. Since the both of them acted well, one take was all it took. All the staff looked really happy to have such capable actors on their team.

After work ended, a man rushed out and as he was about to turn towards where he wanted to, someone blocked his path.

"CEO Lu."

Ning Xi had been waiting for him and she directly stood in front of him intentionally.

"Senior?" Ke Mingyu put on a surprised expression.

Ning Xi was enraged. "Lu Tingxiao! Stop pretending! Little Treasure circled around you 23 times. Do you think that Im blind?"

Ke Mingyu stayed silent. He thought he had managed to fool her but she had still seen them

This was unfortunate

Nonetheless, Lu Tingxiao felt that he could still turn things around.

"I dont really understand what you mean, Senior. Did you mistake me for someone else?"

The man acted innocently like a stranger.

Ning Xi frowned. "Are you...really not Lu Tingxiao?"

Ke Mingyu replied, "Nope."

Ning Xi nodded. "Oh, I see...alright then! Let me rephrase my question!"

Ke Mingyu felt something bad was coming.

After a short pause, Ning Xi stared at him and asked, "Mister, are you really not...my husband?"

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