Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 951

Ning Xi was speechless when she heard his reply.

But afterward, she found out that the reason for choosing Ke Mingyu's mask was sort of related to how handsome Lu Tingxiao was as well. Because of his prominent facial structure, they had experimented countless of times and many of the masks had failed. Finally, only Ke Mingyus face looked the most natural.

So, technically it was because of how good-looking he was

Ning Xi was dressed in a male outfit today and Lu Tingxiao still had Ke Mingyus mask on, so no one could recognize them before the movie aired.

They brought Little Treasure to the supermarket.

"Dear, should we have hot pot tonight? Xiao Tao brought me some soup base for hot pot from her hometown!" Ning Xi suggested.

"Sure," Lu Tingxiao replied.

Little Treasure nodded enthusiastically as well.

They then went shopping for the food needed to make the hot pot.

As they were walking, they realized that more and more people were looking at their direction

What had gone wrong?

Ning Xi was confused.

"Oh! Are they a family together? What a lovely family!"

"However, I feel that that guy over there looks a little plain. He doesnt seem to be a good match with the handsome one beside him!"

"What do you know? This is called the gentle-wife play; its actually popular right now!"

"Whats a gentle-wife play?" Lu Tingxiao asked Ning Xi.

Ning Xi almost puked blood. "You dont have to know what that is!"

She giggled to herself. How hilarious! The devil's on the receiving end while I'm deemed to be aggressive one , haha!

Ning Xis mistake was not realizing that two men walking in the supermarket with a child would attract so much attention, so they quickly went back to her apartment after buying what they needed.

After they went back, Lu Tingxiao started using the specially made ointment to remove his mask.

Ning Xi saw his skin was slightly red from the irritation and she felt heartbroken.

"Its alright, itll be fine soon, Im a man after all," Lu Tingxiao said.

"No way, theface is very important to a man as well and this face is related to me! Come over here!"

Ning Xi forced Lu Tingxiao to sit down at her dresser table and she opened a few bottles. "Dont move, Ill help you do a mini facial!"

The wife was going to service him, so of course, Lu Tingxiao complied obediently.

Essence, toner, cream

Ning Xi carefully applied the stuff on Lu Tingxiaos face, layer by layer. "Wait, theres face cream as well! You have to use this after you wash your faceevery day!"

As she helped Lu Tingxiao, the little bun walked over and pointed at his own face, indicating that he wanted some too.

Ning Xi smiled. "Your father needs it because hes not handsome enough but youre way too handsome, so you dont need it."

The little bun nodded and accepted her reasoning immediately.

After they had dinner, Lu Tingxiao went into the study room for some last minute work while the little bun hopped into the shower.

"Little Treasure, do you need any help?"

The little bun shook his head shyly, indicating that he would be alright on his own.

Ning Xi patted the little buns head and smiled. "My little bun has grown up! Take your time, be careful and dont slip!"

Ning Xi sat on the sofa after adjusting the water temperature for Little Treasure, then she covered herself with a blanket and played a classic Western musical.

Soft music started playing and all was peaceful.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Who could it be this late at night? Both the little bun and Lu Tingxiao were both here

Ning Xi nervously looked outside through the peephole. She could not believe who she saw and she quickly opened the door.

The girl outside hugged Ning Xi tightly. "Bro Xi!"

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