Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 952

The girl started sobbing after she hugged Ning Xi and Ning Xis pajamas were soon stained wet on her shoulder.

Ning Xi recalled a lot of old memories as well and she held back tears of her own as she patted the girls back. "Alright now, stop crying! Come in!"

Ning Xi welcomed the girl in and led her to the sofa, then she poured her a cup of hot tea.

The girl had long, black, straight hair and her eyelashes were long like butterfly wings. She wore ahoodie with white furry lining, which made her small face look cute as if she was an exquisitely made doll.

The girl was weeping as she stared at Ning Xi like a lost dog that had finally found its master.

"Drink some tea!" Ning Xi passed her the cup.

Even Annie is hereIt seems like Second Senior Brothers information is accurate! That man is starting to come back.

"Thank you, Bro Xi!"

She looked at Ning Xi again and her tears fell even harder. "Bro Xi, you look really good in a female outfit...sob"

Ning Xi was troubled. "You cry when you see me, you cry when I pour you some tea, you even cry when you think I look good! Old habits die hard, don't they?"

"But, Bro Xi...you've changed a lot" The girl looked around.

The house was decorated with a warm color scheme and it felt very cozy. Ning Xi was wearing a soft pink nightgown, her naturally wavy hair combed back, giving her a homey appearance. Although it was not her first time seeing Ning Xi in a female outfit, she almost could not recognize her.

Within just a year, this womans outlook and aura had changed so drastically.

Ning Xi now felt like a stranger and it made her feel uncomfortable, even a little afraid.

As if the person she once knew had vanished altogether

"Silly, people always change, or maybe, this is what I really look like?" Ning Xi patted the girls head. "Lets talk about you now. Why are you back? Is it temporary or"

The girl was still looking a little down. "Im not sure, Im just following the Boss orders. Who knows when's the next time he'll make me travel around the world again, so I took some time off to visit you tonight."

Ning Xi knew they had secret agreements and she did not want to know too much either, so she stopped asking further and changed the subject, "Howre you doing recently? Doing well?"

Annie started complaining, "Not at all! After you left, the Bosss temper got worse and he always takes it out on me. He beats me, scolds me and even prevents me from having meals. He also threatened to make me marry the monster beside us! Come back, Bro Xi! I really miss you!"

"Ugh" Ning Xi looked helplessly at her.

While that guy is terrible, he wouldn't really do it and she's probably exaggerating, right?

She knew that Annie was trying to convince her to go back.

When she had rescued Annie, that guy was annoyed at her because of how weak she was and how she was always crying, then they realized that Annie had a special talent

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