Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 958

"Well...I'm studying it a little!" Annie said.

Ning Xi smiled. "You're being too humble, Annie. Lu Tingxiao, while she looks cute, she's actually very talented in healing!"

Annie was embarrassed. "I'm not as good as Bro Xi says"

Lu Tingxiao pulled opened a drawer and took out a yellowish book tied in string. "I received an ancient book about medical knowledge a few days ago. If you don't mind, please take it as a gift to commemorate our meeting for the first time. Thank you for taking care of Xiao Xi when she was overseas."

"It's alright, I didn't really do anything. I was the one being taken care of instead! And this...this is too valuable!" Annie instantly knew that the book was extremely precious and being an original, it must be priceless!

Ning Xi put the book into Annie's hands. "Just take it, we don't have any use for it anyway and it's not true that you didn't do anything. There were a few times that you took care of me thoroughly when I was injured!"

"Alright...I'll take it, thank you."

Annie kept quiet. She felt that there was no more reason for her to stay, she took a deep breath and smiled, "Bro Xi, I'm really happy meeting you today, I'll be leaving now, it's already late."

"So soon"

"I'll still be around here for some time, there'd still be chances to meet, as long as Bro Xi doesn't find that I'm too annoying"

Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao walked her to the first floor. Lu Tingxiao waited in the house while Ning Xi accompanied her to the car. "Be careful on the road."

"You know that I always drive like a snail, so I don't go that fast anyway!" Annie smiled.

The night was quiet and no one was around.

Annie held her fists tight, loosened them and then tightened them again. She then looked up and said in a trembling voice, "Bro Xi, are you really not coming back?"

Ning Xi sighed and gave her a hug. "Annie, everyone has their own lives. I have mine and you have yours. You'll be fine on your own, you don't have to miss me. I'll be fine."

Annie sobbed, "I admit that I was really worried before I came but...Little Treasure's so cute and Lu Tingxiao's really nice as well...Bro Xi, I wish you happiness! I think saying anything else would be futile."

"Thank you, I will!"

After saying goodbye to Ning Xi, Annie waved farewell and started her car engine.

The car slowly left the apartment. From the rearview mirror, she saw the man put a thick coat on the girl as the girl smiled at him. They chatted and held each other's hand as they went back up

Bro Xi was doing well. Really well. She had someone she loved, her dream, her career...She was doing much better than before.

Why should she make her return?

As they went back upstairs, Ning Xi hugged Lu Tingxiao and thanked him, "Thank you, Boss!"

"What's that for?" Lu Tingxiao leaned his back on the door.

Ning Xi looked up at him. "Thank you for treating my friend so well. You know...she's from that side, don't you?"

"All I know is that she's someone you care about," Lu Tingxiao simply replied.

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