Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 959

Ning Xi grinned. "Annie was probably here today to persuade me...but apparently, she's been persuaded by you and Little Treasure instead!"

Lu Tingxiao hugged the girl even tighter and a steely glint appeared in his eyes. "I'll never let anyone separate you from me, no matter who it is."

"I'll never leave you either!"

There was a prestigious abandoned villa somewhere up North, which used to be a home to the wealthy, but due to it being vacant for such a long time and people found dead in it before, it became an infamous haunted house. Not only could it not be sold, no one dared to go near it.

A black car slowly stopped in front of the villa and a girl in a hoodie stepped out of it and walked in. The girl pushed the thick entrance door open with a creak.

Numerous oil paintings hung around the middle-aged European style living room. The windows were made of antique stained glass and the fireplace in the living room was alive, burning with light and heat.

There were two men and a woman sitting on the U-shaped sofa opposite the fireplace. The man who was sitting alone on one end of the sofa wore a pair of gold-framed glassesand he was cleaning his dagger. On the other side, there was an older middle-aged man with a thick German book in his hands and beside him was a beautiful lady with killer curves. She was fiddling with her gun out of boredom.

The lady put away her gun when she saw Annie return and she went up to her. "My dear Annie, how did it go? It must've worked! Little Junior Sister could never stand to see you cry!"

Annie looked down and said quietly, "I'm sorry, Sis Xiaoxiao, I let everyone down."

"How could this be...not you, Annie?" Feng Xiaoxiao curiously looked at the teddy bear in her hand and asked, "Where did this come from?"

Annie's face lit up. "It's from Little Treasure! Oh, Little Treasure is Lu Tingxiao's son! He's really cute! Especially his eyes, they're as pretty as Bro Xi's! He's really adorable and obedient as well! I gave him a pill and he gave me this in return!

As for Lu Tingxiao, he gave me a book about medical knowledge to thank me for taking care of Bro Xi when she was overseas. Lu Tingxiao is totally different from what you all said! He's really kind and not as scary as rumored to be. Plus, he's gentle towards Bro Xi and was nice to me as well. He's a true gentleman"

Annie's loud, cheerful voice filled up the empty living room.

Feng Xiaoxiao, Tang Ye, and Feng Jin were all speechless.

Annie was confused when she realized that all three of them were staring at her. "Um, why are you guys looking at me? D-did I say something wrong?"

Tang Ye pushed his glasses higher up on his nose and stayed silent. Feng Jin continued with his book and acted as if nothing happened.

Feng Xiaoxiao almost went limp. "Do you not realize that you've been persuaded,my dear?! We sent you to get her back and now you're on their side? What a letdown! Such a big loss for us! As expected of Lu Tingxiao and that kid, they are going so strong"

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