Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 960

Annie seemed to have realized it too, so she cried mournfully, "What do we do now...?"

She did not know what had crossed her mind. How could she have actually forgotten all about her mission and even been persuaded herself?

Feng Xiaoxiao shrugged. "The last time, First Senior Brother did it the hard way. This time, you went with the soft approach. However, both soft and hard approaches are useless! What else is there to do...?"

Because of Annie's failure, the atmosphere had suddenly turned sullen and no one said anything.

At that moment, a faint voice was suddenly heard from one of the rooms upstairs, "Sweet, little bait...a bear and a crappy book were enough to bribe you?"

That voice echoed in the empty hall, leaving a slight chill and terrifying vibe.

When she heard that voice, Annie's shoulders shook and her face turned pale as she looked up. "No! It's not like that. It's just that Lu Tingxiao was really different from the rumors..."


When she heard that bone-chilling voice and saw Feng Xiaoxiao urgently warning her with wide eyes, Annie instantly shut up and dared not say a single good thing about Lu Tingxiao.

"Every one of you, you've got quite the courage, eh? Who allowed you lot to ask her to return?"

Annie did not dare to breathe a word while Feng Xiaoxiao rubbed her nose and pretended not toknow anything.

Tang Ye was just about to say something when Feng Jin held him firmly by the shoulders and said, "It was my idea. If Tang Xi really returns, that would obviously be best, but if she's unwilling, it's not our loss."

"Huh, she will return by herself. She will cry as she begs me to let her return."

Annie and Feng Xiaoxiao looked worriedly at each other upon hearing the man's sinister voice.

Feng Jin said with a poker face, "Satan, we've just arrived in China and our priority is to stabilize our presence there, so please don't be distracted now. Furthermore, this is Lu Tingxiao's turf, after all, and there's no need to alert the enemy. As for Tang Xi, please just leave her to me. I'll give you a satisfactory explanation."

Finally, the place fell silent again and nothing was heard from upstairs, signifying that he had probably agreed with what Feng Jin had said.

When she heard Feng Jin, Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes flashed with worry. She gave him a charming smile and walked over to Feng Jin to ask, "Head General, what are you thinking about doing?"

Feng Jin looked at her, then at Annie and Tang Ye before replying with a cold expression, "Stick to your duties. This isn't something you should be worried about."

Then, he turned around to leave.

As she watched Feng Jin depart, Feng Xiaoxiao felt her head start to hurt and she rubbed her temples. "Feng Jin is different from us...at least we are friends with Little Junior Sister and wouldn't really hurt her, but he's not the same...we don't know what he wants to do either..."

Tang Ye continued, "Feng Jin's right though. We shouldn't be worried about this. As for Little Junior Sister, there're people who will worry about her. Let's stop here about this matter. No one is allowed to intervene anymore."


After Feng Jin and Tang Ye left, Feng Xiaoxiao pulled Annie over and quickly asked, "Annie, what actually went down? Quick, tell me!"

Annie was sitting on the sofa, then she said, "Bro Xi is really gorgeous in a female outfit. Lu Tingxiao is very gentle and Little Treasure is very adorable, obedient, and cute. The three of them are such a happy family! That's about it."

Feng Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Okay, I won't ask anything anymore. Dear Annie has obviously been thoroughly sucked over to the other side...

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