Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 961

Qiao Weilan had predicted that it would take half a month to a month's time, yet the reality was that it took less than that.

First, it was the Imperial socialite Miss Wang's birthday banquet and her outfits were always very fashionable within the socialites's circle as she liked trying new and unique brands.

On the day of her birthday banquet, she wore a vintage Oriental dress which reminded one of a hot cloud of volcanic ash, complementing her in a brilliant and moving way, mesmerizingly outshining the other beauties that night.

The moment the banquet ended, many had already walked up to ask her about the brand of her outfit.

They found out that it had been given by a good friend in the fashion industry and was designed by the Golden Award-winning mysterious designer, ZX. In fact, it had yet to be released in the market and was the latest design from the brand. Even Qin Shengyue was all fondness and praise for the outfit.

Spirit started to a hot topic within the circle, and those who were presented with outfits but had not planned to wear them all took them out to flaunt...

A few days later, a dame from the socialite circle had wine accidentally spilled on her dress during a certain banquet. She did not immediately have a change of clothes and coincidentally the dress that Qiao Weilan had given her was in the car. The dame was loyal to well-known international brands, so she did not like wearing just any random brands, but she changed into it as she had no other choice.

That night, after the dame had changed into the peacock blue Qipao, it received endless praises from all the female guests. They all spoke about the delicateness of the dress and how it complemented her aura so well as if it was tailored for her. Many of the middle-aged ladies her age had walked over to ask about the brand of her clothing and whose design it was.

After that, there was another incident that caused quite a commotion.

The Old General Zhuang Zongren had collaborated with Zhuang Liaoyuan and his granddaughter, Zhuang Keer, to receive very important guests from many countries and this event was even streamed live on the national news.

That day, the Old General's granddaughter, Zhuang Keer, had worn a composed yet vivacious gown. Most importantly, this gown had perfectly combined fashion withChinese elements, attracting the praises of being international friendly. Everyone admired the charm of theChinese influence on the dress...

Soon, Spirit was suddenly on fire!

From the socialite circle to the dames, everyone talked about itand it even got the country's support and funding in the form of the advocacy oflocal brands.

Even though a few million dollars was not considered a lot, this meant that Spirit would have opportunities to represent the country in even more important occassions in the future.

"Oh my God, oh my God! Boss! We're on fire! Fire! Spirit is on fire! Our phones are exploding with calls! And the orders! All the orders...!" Han Momo was so excited, then she hopped over to Qiao Weilan and sincerely bowed. "Direction Qiao, you're amazing. I apologize for doubting you before this! You're really so amazing!"

Qiao Weilan looked at Ning Xi who was busy looking through some customer details and said, "The truth is the effect I had predicted was only to open up a pathway for our market. The fact that it has progressed to this point wasn't within my expectations, especially with Miss Zhuang..."

She thought that the friend Ning Xi had mentioned she wanted to give the clothes to was just a normal socialite, but who would have known that it was actually Old General Zhuang's daughter, the number one socialite of Imperial, Zhuang Keer?

What shocked her even more was that she never would have thought that Zhuang Keer would wear their clothes at such an occassion.

Usually the outfits worn at those occassions would be controlled by personal stylists; one could not just wear anything they liked unless it was someone with a really, really special relationship that allowed Zhuang Keer to persuade the stylist to let her wear the outfit.

Of course, their outfit quality and design could definitely pass the test and was outstanding enough for the stylists to agree with.

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