Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 962

When she heard what Qiao Weilan said, Ning Xi looked up from her documents and exclaimed, "To be honest, I was surprised myself...we really owe Keer a huge one this time! When I'm done with all this, I must treat her to a feast!"

"Boss, Boss! We have so many orders flowing in. Do we have to start rushing the production for the new items? I'm worried that we don't have enough manpower. We only have 10 craftsmen to cater to the bespoke orders...."

Ning Xi nodded at Qiao Weilan and said, "Director Qian, you should already have a plan in mind, don't you?"

Since Qiao Weilan had dared to suggest that risky idea to just give the clothes away, she should definitely have something in mind already.

Qiao Weilan said briskly, "My plan is to temporarily reject all of the orders. If anyone asks, we'll just have to answer that we've run out of stock and that high-quality bespoke pieces must all be pre-ordered three months in advance. The customers who successfully pre-order will be serviced personally by our team who'll tailor outfit styles based on their image and aura."

"Ah! Reject all of them?! All?" Han Momo widened her eyes in shock.

However, she was not as impulsive this time. Instead, she contemplated Qiao Weilan's reasoning. "Director Qiao, are you trying to create the idea that the rarer something is, the greater it is in value?"

Qiao Weilan nodded. "That's right. To the customers, something that's too easily attainable will be just as easy to ditch aside. The harder it is to purchase would only make them treasure and covet it more. If we give in to every request, they'll lose interest very quickly and even feel like they aren't special if everyone else wears the same piece too. This is why History got overdone in the socialite circle so quickly. They fell short of the market peak just for momentary profit."

Ning Xi snapped her fingers. "Okay, let's do that then! Coincidentally, we need to renovate our office and hire new staff and all that..."

Qiao Weilan paused, then continued, "Additionally, I have another piece of good news and the time is quite ripe now. I've shortlisted quite a few retailers with good potential, so we can begin our physical flagship stores."

"Whoa! Hurray!" Han Momo tugged at Gong Shangze's arm and cheered excitedly.

Ning Xi felt moved with a myriad of emotions bubbling within her. Finally...finally, we made it...

"Shangze, are you okay? After the flagship store opens, we'll definitely need huge amounts of ready-made designs," Ning Xi asked inconcern.

Gong Shangze revealed a radiant smile and took out a huge stack of drafts from the drawer. "I've long prepared for this day to come!"

Ning Xi looked at the design drafts with sparkling eyes. Just a skim of them and she knew that they were products from the essence of the peak of his inspiration. "Oh wow! So much effort! All of my partners are so reliable! I feel so secure!"

"Boss, you're the one that makes us feel most secure! You always do things that we thought were impossible!" Han Momo said with shining eyes as she voiced out Gong Shangze's thoughts.

"Okay, okay, enough brown nosing. I'll defiitely increase your salaries next month! With bonus thrown in!"

"Boss, I love you!"

"Okay, get to work now, let me answer this call!"

The phone rang and Ning Xi walked to the balcony to get it.

"Congrats, Boss Ning!" greeted Qin Shengyue's voice.

Ning Xi laughed, "Don't call me Boss, I can't accept this, Boss Qin!"

"Don't be humble, you've progressed so much in such a short time that even I have to praise you. What's even more unexpected is that you've made my trump card submit to you so soon! Hmph, it looks like after this one year, I won't be able to retrieve my trump card, huh?" Qin Shengyue teased.

Ning Xi's raised her brows. "Hey, this is probably just my personal charm doing its trick!"

"You punk!" Qin Shengyue laughed, then said faintly, "But now, can you tell me the story behind your mysterious designer, ZX?"

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