Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 963

Ning Xi fell silent, then asked, "I wonder...if Boss Qin knows History's predecessor?"

"History's predecessor...you mean Neon? It was an indie brand with rather great potential. I noticed it right from the start. David's designs are too ingenious, so Neon was just waiting for an opportunity, then after they were noticed and Ning Xueluo invested in it, it had risen instantly."

Ning Xi's expression was cold. "ZX is the real founder of Neon."

"What?" On the other end of the phone, Qin Shengyue's tone was beyond shocked. She obviously did not expect this turn of events. She finally understood why she had that weird feeling when she compared Spirit and History before this. Now, all of her puzzled thoughts were answered.

So, that's why...I guessed correctly that David was the real copycat. No, even worse than that, he's a straight up thief!

Even though this result was surprising, it was still within reason.

"No wonder...now it makes sense...but why don't you guys expose this?" Qin Shengyue asked, puzzled.

Ning Xi nonchalantly replied, "Hmph, in such a situation where we have no evidence, who would believe the words of the weaker one? But that doesn't matter anymore. One day, I want to introduce my designer with a proper title to the world!"

At the balcony entrance, Gong Shangze had wanted to look for Ning Xi. Just as he pushed the door open, he heard Ning Xi saying this on the balcony, totally catching him off guard, and his eyes instantly reddened. His heart felt as if it had been hit by a truck...

The young man tightened his grip on the design drafts and took a deep breath before slowly backing out.

"Pfft, you're a big talker!" Qin Shengyue chortled although she felt like this was actually not bragging. "Then, I'll wish you luck! Remember to treat me to a meal!"



In the following period of time, many socialities and wealthy young men who wanted to please girls had called Spirit almost every day to inquire about how to place orders, some even personally dropping by.

However, it did not matter how powerful or famous they were, or how much money they offered, all of them had left empty-handed. Spirit's answer to everyone was that they were out of stock and people needed to pre-order.

To order a set of Spirit's high-quality pieces was not easy.

Even so, the pre-order bills still continued to pile up without signs of slowing down. It had formed a queue of up to six months and counting.

Among the socialites, especially among the aristocrats, there were not only those with great wealth. Some of them were business-minded as well. They proposed to put Spirit's ready-made wear on retail shelves, so that they could expand their businesses too.

In just one month, Spirit had rode on their wave of irresistible force and opened up a flagship store in Imperial and soon expanded to three different branches.

Their business in other provinces was also expanding. If all went well, they could start planning to enter the international market next year...


At night, at Platinum Palace, Ning Xi had specially cooked a feast and opened a bottle of red wine to celebrate.

"Congratulations!" said Lu Tingxiao as he raised his glass to the girl.

As she looked at the god-like man opposite her, Ning Xi clinked her glass to his and drank up. "Thank you!"

The little bun who was watched them did not want to be outdoneand picked up his glass of milk too.

Ning Xi laughed and clinked her glass with his cup too, then she leaned on her chin and sighed, "Ahhh, it feels so surreal now that things are going so smoothly all of a sudden!"

"You have taken sturdy steps and made your way here. You've prepared well, so there's no reason for worry," advised Lu Tingxiao.

As she watched Lu Tingxiao educate her like he was a life coach, Ning Xi held back a giggle and nodded as seriously as she could. "Mmm! Teacher Lu's words of wisdom!"

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