Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 965

Nevertheless, she seemed calm, the instant sparkle in her eyes giving away the good mood of the owner.

"Nonetheless, as happy as you are, you still have to sleep, so let's go back now." Lu Tingxiao took away the beer can in her hand.

Ning Xi opened her arms and playfully said, "Carry me!"

Lu Tingxiao naturally complied.

Even after Lu Tingxiao had carefully carried her back to bed, Ning Xi still did not want to let go. "Accompany me!"

Lu Tingxiao hesitated for a moment before complying in the end.

Ning Xi lay on the bed restfully before she opened her eyes again and looked bright-eyed at the man who laid beside her. "Big Boss, I'm drunk!"


Ning Xi rolled and leaned on his chest, then poked him with a finger and asked curiously, "It's such a golden opportunity, wouldn't you like to take advantage of me?"

Lu Tingxiao held the crazygirl's little hand and said without any expression, "You still have work tomorrow."

Ning Xi was confused. "Mmm, must work have an inevitable connection with you taking advantage of me?"

Lu Tingxiao continued calmly, "If I take advantage of you, you won't be able to work tomorrow. Maybe you wouldn't even be able to the day after, and the day after that."

What he implied was that she would not be able to leave the bed for a few days...

"Big Boss, you're so corrupted!" Ning Xi instantly looked at him accusingly, then scoffed to expose him, "Was it because of what you said before about...how you have a principle of not condoning pre-material sex?"

Lu Tingxiao replied, "Have I said that before?"

Ning Xi was speechless.


The next day, after work, Ning Xi went straight to the studio and presented Little Treasure's calligraphy work to Gong Shangze.

"Thank you, Boss!" Gong Shangze was touched, a mix of emotions stirred within him just by looking at the words.

"Haha, no need to thank me, there's no way I could've written this. I asked someone to write it for me! It's a very amazing master who wrote it, so keep it safe. It'll definitely appreciate in price in the future!" Ning Xi teased.

Gong Shangze appreciated it deeply and looked at it for a long time before hanging it at the most obvious spot.

When Qiao Weilan saw Ning Xi come over, she quickly walked over in her high heels to report about her work. "Boss, to ensure the interest of our retailers, we can only open up five branches at most in Imperial. We currently have three, so now we're down to two. These are some of the suitable areas that I've just picked out."

"Okay, let me take a look." Ning Xi put down her bag and took the documents from Qiao Weilan'sdesk.

Before she could go through anything, she caught sight of another stack of information on Qiao Weilan's desk from the corner of her eye.

"Those are some of the retail applications that I've filtered out," Qiao Weilan explained.

Ning Xi picked up the first proposal on the top and was surprised to see a familiar name on it. "Lu Xinyan?"

"Yes, cousin to the CEO of the Lu Corporation, Lu Tingxiao. Have you heard of her too?" Qiao Weilan asked.

"I've heard a little about her," Ning Xi nodded slightly, then asked, "What's wrong? Does she not fit our criteria?"

"Based on identity alone, Lu Tingxiao's cousin would be more than enough, but...based on what I've learned, Lu Xiyan aspires to be an entrepreneur but she's not really business-minded. Every one of her businesses all suffered huge losses.

"We're in the most important phase, so we must be careful in choosing retailers. As much as Lu Xinyan has great support backing her up, there's no way we can let our brand be played around by her. It could affect our brand, or worse, affect our market presence."

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