Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 967

When she noticed Ning Xi's gaze on her, Lu Xinyan was suddenly delighted and told Yan Ruyi, "Aunty, I'll bring you to a really awesome store later. It just opened recently and you'll definitely like the style of clothes they have!"

Yan Ruyi laughed mirthfully. "How could I possibly wear clothes that you young ladies fancy?"

"No! They also have many styles that suit you, especially with your charisma! Besides, when you stand beside me and Sis Ziyao, you look completely like our sister!"

"Oh, you! How could you spew such nonsense?!" Yan Ruyi was secretly pleased to hear her compliment. No woman would truly brush off their appearance; it did not matter how old they were.

However, Lu Xinyan was not exaggerating. Compared to women her age, Yan Ruyi had indeed aged fairly well.

"Aunty, Xinyan is not spewing nonsense. Whenever I shop with you, there've been quite a few times that friends we bump into have asked me privately about when I have another elder sister!" Guan Ziyao smiled as she said this.

As Yan Ruyi was being showered with compliments by the two girls beside her, she smiled broadly in amusement.

Guan Ziyao seemed to have said those words to amuse Yan Ruyi but the truth was that she was also intending to let Ning Xi hear her. "Quite a few times" implied that Guan Ziyao was very close to Yan Ruyi and that they always came out to shop together...

"But aren't most of the new brands not very reliable?" Guan Ziyao asked worriedly.

Lu Xinyan quickly replied, "Sis Ziyao, don't worry! Do you still remember the peacock blue qipao that Madam Fong wore at the dinner banquet? Didn't you think it was pretty too, Aunty? That qipao is the brand I'm talking about. A few days ago, when Miss Zhuang was receiving international guests with General Zhuang, she wore this brand too!

"Sadly, you can't buy the bespoke ones anymore. You'll need to pre-order at least three months in advance. Nevertheless, I've gone to visit the boutique and the ready-made ones are not bad too. They're completely fine to wear casually and they've got a lot of styles in the main store!"

"Really?" Yan Ruyi started to take interest in this amazing brand. She did have a good impression of the gown Madam Fong wore because it was indeed very pretty and she liked the style. If it was worn by the Zhuangs to receive such prominent guests, it should be quite a top-notch brand.

"Yeah! Aunty, trust my insights! Look, do you think this outfit looks nice on me?"

"Not bad, it's very pretty."

"Exactly, this was one of their pieces that I managed to snag before they were out of stock!"


The elevator slowly ascended and in between conversations, they arrived at their floor.

Ning Xi was on her way to Spirit's flagship store while Lu Xinyan, Guan Ziyao, and Yan Ruyi coincidentally wanted to check out Spirit's clothes too, thus all four of them had left the elevator at the same time.

When Lu Xinyan saw that Ning Xi had walked out at the same time as them, she looked unhappy but she did not say anything. She only scoffed and pulled Yan Ruyi away.

Ning Xi did not want to get involved with them. Plus, it was even more awkward to walk together, so she had intentionally slowed down her pace behind them until she was quite a distance away.

As they walked, her phone rang. The flagship storekeeper had called to say that they had begun the reallocation of stock and asked her to wait for a while until they completed.

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