Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 970

Since Yan Ruyi had also rejected her suggestion and obviously did not want to trouble Lu Tingxiao, Guan Ziyao would obviously not go against Yan Ruyi's wishes and help Lu Xinyan herself.

Compared to Lu Xinyan, Yan Ruyi came first.

Thus, Guan Ziyao had tactfully advised, "Xinyan, your cousin is so busy recently, it's best if you don't trouble him for this kind of thing."

When she heard Guan Ziyao's answer, Yan Ruyi's expression clearly showed that she was satisfied.

However, Lu Xinyan would obviously be unhappy now.

Guan Ziyao thought about it and continued, "It's not that there isn't any other way...even though I'm not familiar with China, I can get my friends to ask if they can have a word with the people in charge at Spirit."

"That'd be great! Sis Ziyao, you're brilliant!" Lu Xinyan immediately cheered up.

"Oh, you! Wait, I'll call right now to help you ask, but don't have too high hopes, it might not work!"

"If you're calling, Sis Ziyao, then it'll definitely work!"

Guan Ziyao walked to a corner facing a display shelf and flipped through her contacts, stopping to click on Mo Lingtian's number.

Among all her friends in China, Mo Lingtian had the best connections.

"Hello, Lingtian..."

"Hello! Ziyao! Long time no hear 1 !" Mo Lingtian's overjoyed voice greeted from the other end of the phone. After all, it was rare for Guan Ziyao to call him.

"Lingtian, I have something that I need your help with. I wonder if you don't mind..."

"Of course! Nothing is a problem when it comes to you! What is it? Tell me, I guarantee to get it done properly for you!"

"Well, it's not really my problem...it's Xinyan, who wants to retail a brand called 'Spirit', but she didn't get through their shortlisting process. I've just returned to China and don't know many people, so I wonder if you could help me put me through to the right people?"

"Ah...it's Xinyan..." Mo Lingtian's tone lowered quite a bit.

Lu Xinyan was someone from the Lus, so there was no doubt for who and why Guan Ziyao was so helpful to Lu Xinyan.

"If you can't, then..."

Mo Lingtian cut her off and said, "It's not that I can't. Wait for me, I'll help you ask around now."

"Thank you then!" Guan Ziyao was grateful. "If you manage to get a connection, just tell them that money is not a problem!"

"Okay, I know, don't need to thank me!"

After Mo Lingtian hung up, the nonchalant expression on him was instantly replaced by loneliness, bitterness lingering on his face.

How could he have the heart to reject her requests, even if he knew that she was doing it for another man?

After calming down, Mo Lingtian immediately got someone to ask about Spirit. This studio was rather mysterious. The designer used an anonymous name to promote his clothing under the code name ZX and no one knew who the owner behind it was. In the end, he still had to use some of his private means to investigate.

After all, the Mo family was best at searching for information, so it was quite easy to investigate this little thing.

Once he found out the truth, he was entirely dumbfounded!


Spirit's owner is actually that little bunny???

From his investigation, Spirit studio had advanced gradually. It was an unexpected champion in the fashion industry and now, with its momentum, it was about to take over the internationally acclaimed History!

He did not understand this little bunny the more he observed her...

Because he was entrusted this task by Guan Ziyao, Mo Lingtian did not dare to delay any further Once he figured it out, he immediately called Ning Xi.

  1. An Asian expression of "It's been a while".

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