Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 971

At that moment, Ning Xi who was napping at the rest area was suddenly awakened by the sound of her phone ringing.

It was an unknown number.

Ning Xi picked it up. "Hello, who's this?"

"Hello, it's me, Mo Lingtian! Do you still remember me, little bunny?"

"Oh, Mister Mo, of course, I do!"


In the shopping area, Guan Ziyao thought she heard Ning Xi say "Mister Mo" and found it weird, but she did not pay too much attention.

"Hehe, good that you remember!" Mo Lingtian changed his tone into one that sought a favor. "Little bunny, you're so cool! I heard that you're the ownerbehind Spirit?"

Ning Xi raised her brows in surprise, then she sat up and replied, "How did you know? Did Lu Tingxiao tell you?"

"I've got my sources. I'm thinking about asking you for a favor, Boss Ning. I wonder if that's possible. Just do it for Lu Tingxiao's sake! I'm Lu Tingxiao's best bro!"

"What favor?"

"Well, I'll just cut the long story short. Xinyan wants to put your brand on her retail shelves but she did not get shortlisted, so do you think you could bypass the rules a little? After all, this lady is still Lu Tingxiao's cousin, isn't she?"

On the other end of the phone, a slight laughter was heard.

This sound gave Mo Lingtian goosebumps. "What is it, Boss Ning? Is there a problem?"

Ning Xi looked towards Lu Xinyan and Guan Ziyao, who were not too far away in the shopping area, and lowered her voice to say indistinctly, "I'm just a little surprised. I couldn't tell that you're actually a loyal one, Master Mo, you're really working hard just for your little beauty! You know that she's doing it for another man, yet you continue to help her without regrets?"

The moment she said that, Mo Lingtian was flabbergasted. "You...how did you know!"

He did not even mention Guan Ziyao at all, did he!?

"It doesn't matter how I know. Let's leave work and our private lives separate. Plus, there's no way I would agree," Ning Xi firmly rejected.

"Why? Money is not an issue! Just treat it as a favor for a bro!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes. "In terms of work, our studio does have rules. If one is not qualified, then they definitely cannot do retail. Personally, Guan Ziyao is doing so much to get close to my boyfriend, so wouldn't I be stupid if I agree?"

Mo Lingtian was speechless. She had left him with nothing to say! He would never have thought that this little bunny would know everything! How amazing! Initially, such a thing would not be an issue as long as one had connections and wealth, but it was clear that in this situation, an abundance of wealth was of no use...

After Ning Xi hung up on Mo Lingtian's call, Guan Ziyao's phone rang.

"How did it go? Did you friend call you back? Quickly answer your phone!" Lu Xinyan asked excitedly.

Guan Ziyao smiled and nodded. "Yes, don't be anxious, I'll pick up now!"

"Hello?" Guan Ziyao picked up.

When she heard Mo Lingtian share what happened, Guan Ziyao's expression changed.

Obviously, there was no way Mo Lingtian could tell her the truth, so he simply answered that the other party had told him that they could not go against the rules and did not budge.

"Okay, I understand, no worries. Thank you so much, this is something that can't be helped. Thank you anyway!" Guan Ziyao just uttered, then hung up.

"I'm so sorry, Xinyan, it still won't do!"

When Xinyan heard this, she instantly drooped her head in disappointment. However, a moment later, she still consoled Guan Ziyao, "Never mind, Sis Ziyao, I understand the studio's point of view. It's a little hard to handle but I'll think of more ways later on. Hmph, the more they won't let me do this, the more I want to!"

As she watched Lu Xinyan's reaction, Yan Ruyi looked amused. "You stubborn girl, when will you change!?"

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