Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 974

After her confrontation, she saw that Lu Xinyan was biting her lip, looking embarrassed. Ning Xi paused and then continued, "But I can see that you really do like our brand and I thank you for your love and support. If you're really interested in puttingSpirit on your shelves, if you can show us how serious you are and not forgetting how sincere you are, Spirit's door is always open to you!"

On that note, Ning Xi simply said, "Goodbye," and left.

"What's so great about Spirit!? Who cares!? It's just a crappy brand!"

Even though Lu Xinyan had been humiliated by those words earlier, there was no way she would admit that. She blurted out curses before she could control herself.

No one has ever dared to say such words to me and it has to be from the mouth of this annoying woman! Did she seriously just imply that if I don't have the protection of my family background, I'd be deemed useless?

Yan Ruyi looked at Lu Xinyan and shooked her head in disapproval. She said with a serious expression, "Xinyan, actually what that girl said makes sense. If you really want to show some results of your own, don't do things with a lack of perseverance. Do things seriously, focus on doing one thing right. Otherwise, just by squandering time and money, the Lu family doesn't need you to show your face in public."

"I don't want to! I don't believe that I can't!" Lu Xinyan ran out of the shop with tears threatening to fall.

Guan Ziyao and Yan Ruyi quickly chased after her but they could not find her.

"Sigh, this child! She's still young and hot-tempered. What an unruly girl for her age!" Yan Ruyi sighed.

When she thought about how Ning Xi was probably only a few years older than Lu Xinyan but had already founded her own brand and was doing so successfully, Yan Ruyi could not help but feel rueful.

What happened today had really changed her view of the woman. She had thought that she only worked in the entertainment industry and relied on her looks, but who would have known that she was different? Every word she had uttered to Xinyan earlier had also rung true...

Just that when it came to her status..such a pity...

Seeing Yan Ruyi gaze admirably into the store at Ning Xi, Guan Ziyao suddenly felt worried. She held Yan Ruyi to walk forward and said, "Aunty, actually it's good that Xinyan has the heart and passion. If she perseveres, she might really achieve something?"

"Don't I know her well enough? She really doesn't have the talent!"

"But I can see that Xinyan seems quite sad. Actually, Spirit is really not all that amazing. I've heard some bad rumors about how Spirit's designer copied the work of another brand, History. Why don't I go back and help Xinyan contact History, so she can sell their products instead? History is well-known internationally and it's much more acclaimed than Spirit!"

Yan Ruyi patted her on the hand. "Sorry to bother you about her!"

"Aunty, you're too kind. This is just a small matter! Besides, Xinyan is my friend too!" Guan Ziyao said as a million thoughts crossed her mind.

She suddenly realized that unknowingly, that woman had slowly strengthened one step at a time. She had even changed Yan Ruyi's thoughts from using Little Treasure to today's incident...

Initially, she wanted to have a fair competition and not use any other methods to deal with that woman, but now she started to panic.


When Lu Xinyan and the rest had left, the manager and a few shop assistants looked worriedly at Ning Xi. "Boss, Lu Xinyan has pretty good support behind her! Are you sure...it won't be a problem?"

Ning Xi checked the stock as she casually said, "Don't worry, your boss has stronger support!"


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