Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 975

At night, in a high-class villa estate.

"What's the matter, Ziyao? Did something make you unhappy? Didn't you go out with Aunty Lu today?" Guan Rui asked out of concern as he saw her looking unwell.

Guan Ziyao frowned. "Father, when I was out with Aunty Lu today, we met that woman and I found out that she's the owner behind one of the top recently trending brands, which even got a grant from the government"

Guan Rui smiled kindly. "That's what's got you down? I thought what could've made you upset. It must be because of Lu Tingxiao's help. Otherwise, what could she do on her own? But...I didn't expect Lu Tingxiao would go this far for her. He's probably trying to prepare her to marry into his family by attempting to raise her value"

Guan Rui's expression darkened. "We can't let that woman continue with her plans anymore!"

Guan Ziyao looked worriedly at him. "What are you trying to do, Father? Lu Tingxiao is so protective towards that woman. Not even Aunty or Uncle Lu dares to do anything. If you"

After spending some time with Yan Ruyi recently, she had been hearing a lot about that woman. She found out that the ever-filial Lu Tingxiao had actually rebelled against his family and even argued fiercely with his father all because of that woman. How unbelievable!

"Don't fret. I don't have to do anything. A woman in the entertainment industry like her will surely have a few skeletons in the closet," Guan Rui sneered coldly.

Guan Ziyao understood her father's meaning. "Father, do you mean...? But she's already with Lu Tingxiao now, so why would she be with someone else? With Lu Tingxiao, she doesn't have to make any shady deals!"

She did not think the woman would be stupid. Ning Xi was not an opponent to be taken lightly of.

Guan Rui shook his head. "Ziyao, you're still too naive. Human greed is infinite, especially for women living at the bottom of the food chain and with the worst personality possible, even being extremely flirtatious...No matter how well she hides it, it'll come out one day!"

"So, Father, does this mean that...you found out about something?" Guan Ziyao asked.

Guan Rui smiled, "Don't worry about it, I'll handle this matter. Just spend more time with your Aunty Lu. Avoid them still minding about what happened at the dinner."

"Got it!"

Guan Ziyao nodded and thought about the whole matter deeply

At first, because of her own pride, she felt that she would never lose no matter what tricks the woman played. But eventually, she realized that things were out of her control. Lu Tingxiao's attitude towards the woman was unbelievable. The man who was ever-rational, the man she thought was the only one that could stand beside her was charmed by such a cheap woman. She could never accept this!

Finally, Guan Ziyao convinced herself, she need not play fair against this kind of people. She had to make Lu Tingxiao wake up and return to the person she knew!

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